3 sightseeing spots in Osaka

There are many sightseeing spots in Osaka. Therefore I would like to introduce recommended 3 sightseeing spots.

Have you ever go to Osaka? There are many sightseeing spots in Osaka. Therefore I would like to introduce recommended 3 sightseeing spots. If you read this blog, you can enjoy it when you go to Osaka.

 1.Universal studios in japan



1. Universal studios in japan

There are Universal studios in japan in Osaka and opened March 31,2001. Universal studios in japan has many attractions. I introduce the top 3 popular attractions. Third place is Hollywood dream the ride. The bottom left picture is Hollywood dream the ride. We can enjoy this attraction while listening music. There is various music such as Western music and Japanese music. And this attraction has looking back ward. I like this attraction very much. So I recommend it. I want you to try it if you go to Universal studios in japan.

Second place is flying dinosaur. It looks like the picture in the lower right.The frying dinosaur is 1124 meters and has a height different 37.8 meters. This is proud to the world. This attraction go underground on the way. The frying dinosaur is prone, unlike normal roller coaster. You can experience new sense, if you ride this roller coaster. So I want to you ride frying dinosaur.


First place is Minion ride. This attraction is enjoyed by children and adults. This attraction is indoor. So this attraction can ride even on rainy days. I think that one of the reason for popularity.

I would like to introduce my recommend attractions, besides these attractions. The attraction is Jurassic park. You enjoy the world when there are dinosaurs in Jurassic park. And at the end it drops suddenly and gets wet with water.

Not only attraction but also season events. They are amazing. There is Halloween events in autumn and there is Christmas event in winter. Halloween event held from September for about two month. There are 3 themes for children and adults to enjoy. There are for kids, for adults and for those who like scaring. Please be careful if you go to someone who like scaring. When the Halloween event is over the Christmas event will comes. There are shows during the Christmas. And Christmas tree is amazing. This tree is over 30 meters and very big. Guinness record this tree with the number of illuminated lights. This is the one in the lower right picture.

There is other good place in universal studios in japan. So I would like you to go to universal studio in japan.


Dotonbori is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Osaka. There are a lot of fancy sign in Dotonbori. I think you should see it if you came to Osaka. Among them, Glico man signboard is the them most famous of one. All tourist imitate Glico man pose. And take a picture in front of the Glico signboard. There is also a club signboard. This is the picture in the top right. Please eat delicious club dishes at this signboard restaurant. There is also puffer fish signboard. I want you to enjoy puffer fish dishes at this restaurant. Puffer fish has very poisonous. But it is very delicious. Do you know kuidaore. Kuidaore is a doll like the in the lower right picture. Please take a picture with kuidaore.

There are a lot of delicious foods in Osaka. Among them, Osaka is famous for takoyaki. So I would like to introduce my recommended takoyaki in Dotonbori. It is a restaurant called kukuru. This restaurant is very delicious. I would like you to eat takoyaki of kukuru.


There are tutenkaku and delicious kusikatu in sinsekai. The tutenkaku is tower. The bottom left picture is tutenkaku. This tower is 103 meters high and the observatory is 91 meters high. The tower was inspired by the Eiffel tower in Pari. The tower lights up at night. Tuutenkaku’s lights show tomorrow weather in a combination of colors. If it is sunny, it will be white, rainy is blue, cloudy is orange. The fee to go to the top is 500 yen. The tutenkaku is special for people in Osaka. Over 1 million people come to here each year. 

I recommend kusikatu restaurant is daruma. Kusikatu is very delicious. So I would like you to eat kusikatu when you go to Osaka.

Thank you for watching this blog the end. Please go to Osaka.