3 Traditional differences between Tokyo and Osaka

I have lived in Tokyo for 20 years. My father was born in Osaka. So, I have been to Osaka many times and experienced cultural differences between Tokyo and Osaka. I want you know this difference and love these prefectures.


1. Food: Color of soup
2. Language: Not equal casual language.
3. Personality

Food: Color of soup

Which soup do you like, deep color soup or light color soup? If you like deep one, you should go to Tokyo. Others should go to Osaka.
It’s not means thick or thin. Color is different. (However, only miso soup is different taste too.) It’s different preferring soup stock. For example, People uses thick soy sauce for noodles in Tokyo but Osaka uses thin ones.


In Tokyo, soup stock made by bonitos. Taste is a little sweet. On the other hand. Osaka’s is salty because it made by seaweed, Konbu.

Language: Not equal casual language.

a. Daily talking words

Japanese has words different words that same meaning between Tokyo and Osaka .

Mean Tokyo Osaka
I Watashi Jibun
You Anata
Thanks Arigato Okini
Put back Katazukeru Naosu
Throw away Suteru Horu
Cream(coffee) Milk Fresh
Iced coffee Ice coffee Reko
silly Baka Aho
idiot Aho Baka
How much? Ikura? Nanbo?

In formal, we use only Tokyo’s words.

b. Intonation

Fundamentally, intonation is different between Tokyo and Osaka

Mean Tokyo Osaka
Chopsticks Háshi Hashì
bridge Hashì Hàshi

c. The end of a word

Mean Tokyo Osaka
Is/am/are ~Da ~Yan/~Nen
Not ~Nai ~Hen/ Ahen


People in Tokyo are said that indifferent. We don’t talk to people who sit down next to my sheet. Because we dislike affecting others. So, we like surreal comedy like one shot entertainer.
While, people in Osaka like to affect even he or she who don’t know. Voice is loud. They like a comedy dialogue between two people. They ask a punchline in our talking.

Japanese has interesting Features by the place they grew. Please talk to many us and find other features.
Thanks to read!