5 best sports bars in Tokyo

Tokyo has a lot of sports bars. If you go to a sports bar you can enjoy watching various sports with delicious meals and drinks. Watching sports is more fun watching with other people than watching it at home alone, so these are the 5 best bars I want you to visit in Tokyo.


1.  What is a “sports bar”

2. Differences of sports bars in Japan and America

3. ~sports&肉bar~SAMURAI

4. Three monkeys cafe

5. FootNiK

6. 2nd half


8. Summary


What is a “sports bar”

A sports bar is a place where you can watch sports while eating food and drinking liquor with your friends and other people.

At sports bars, (usually in Japan), they tend to television sports such as baseball and football. Some bars television boxing, basketball, cycling, rugby motorsports etc… The sports they project differs by bar so before you go to one, you should check what sport they project.

Differences of sports bars in Japan and America

Sports bars in Japan and in the U.S has many similar points but at the same time they have a couple of different facts too. The point that they offer us food and drinks during the game is the same. But the point of how we watch the match differs in Japanese bars and American ones.

Usually Japanese bars has a couple of monitors in the bar for a bunch of people to watch the same game at the same time. But in the U.S, there have a lot of monitors. Each monitor projects different sports such as baseball, basketball, American football so if you want to watch a specific sport, all you have to do is find that monitor and sit in front of it.  


An example of an American sports bar

Location: Ikebukuro           

Sports: soccer, baseball, boxing

Food and drinks: Authentic meat dishes. This bar has very good meat dishes and a wide variety of wine. The bar also offers Mexican food and even crocodile meat.

The  dishes is not the much expensive so people who want to eat international meat dishes should enjoy this bar.

Three monkeys café

Location: Akihabara

Sports: soccer, baseball, rugby 

Numbers of monitors: 3

Food and drinks: Asian, Italian, Spanish food

When you come to this bar, you might not think that this is a sports bar

because of its tropical atmosphere. Not only for its atmosphere, but also this bar offers a wide variety of food such as Asian, Italian and Spanish.

The bar has course dishes so if you want to eat International food and watch sports, this might be the perfect bar.

 This bar also has darts boards so you can  come here to not only watch sports but also play darts and enjoy food that you can’t easily try.



Location: Osaki                 

Sports: soccer

Number of monitors: 3

Food and drinks: craft beers from all over the world

When you think of a sports bar, this is the type that you would likely to imagine. This bar style is called the “British pub”. A British pub is usually a place you can enjoy English meals and beer. This pub has a big variety of craft beers so if you want to try out beers from other countries, this might be the place you might visit.

An example of craft beers from FootNiK


2nd Half

Location: Takada no baba         

Sports: soccer, baseball

Number of monitors: 3

Food and drinks: Full-flavored British cuisine

British cuisine is often said to be not so good. But if you go to this bar, your thoughts of it might change. Because the master of this bar lived in the U.K for 26 years, you can be able to try out full-flavored British cuisine. Because the master is a very good person and the bar is very homelike, you should visit this bar.

An example of British food you can eat at 2nd half



Location: Shibuya

Sports: soccer 

Number of monitors: 2 (120inch)

Food and drinks: Imported German beer

German has the best beer in the world. If only there is a place you can enjoy it in Japan. Actually there is a place you can in Shibuya.

This bar style is called a “beer hall” and here you can enjoy German beer and meals. In all the German foods German sausages is the best. If you combined it if beer, its speechless.The original Zum BIERHOF is inMünchen, Germany so if you like it here, you should catch a flight to German and go take a visit to the original.

The original in München


There are many kinds of sports bars in Tokyo. Ones that you can enjoy foreign food or ones that have a special atmosphere. Sports bars are not only for people who watch sports so if you found a bar that is interesting in this blog, you should go take a visit and try out their committed meals.