5 spots where I recommend in Tokyo

There are many places you should visit in Japan. Perhaps you don’t know where you to go or how to go. Among them, I’ll show you 5 places where I want you to go.

As think of the famous station in Tokyo, most people pick up Shinjuku Station. In this blog, we focus on the places we can get there in about 1 hour from this station.

I introduce these cities below↓↓

1. Asakusa

2. Takao

3. Ueno

4. Tsukiji

5. Tokyo Sky Tree

1. Asakusa

Maybe most foreign tourists had heard the name of Asakusa. Here is the town where Japanese people also can enjoy eating or shopping.

 It takes only 30 minutes from Shinjuku to Asakusa. You only have to get on 2 trains and the cost is only around 300 yen. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it?

 Passing through “Kaminarimon”, there are many food and souvenir shops. They sell Japanese cracker, strawberry candies, dango and so on. Above all, my recommendation is “Kaminariokoshi”. It’s like a kind of Japanese cracker, and also this is one of the most famous Asakusa’s special products. Why don’t you try it?

 Also, you can enjoy kimono in Asakusa. There are a lot of jinrikisya, so you can enjoy Japanese style a lot in here.

2. Takao

 Do you know the name of “Takao”? It’s at the south of Tokyo, and it’s surrounded by a lot of nature. Maybe most of foreign tourists are surprised to hear about nature in Tokyo. Actually, Takao is very relaxing because of its rich nature.

You need to take only one train: Keio Line. It takes about 1 hour from Shinjuku.

 Takao is famous for a mountain- Mt. Takao. It’s about 600 meters high, and there are 8 courses to climb on the top of the mountain. Mt. Takao is popular with soba shops. Over 10 soba shops are around the top of the mountain, and you can enjoy delicious Japanese food in the beatiful nature.

 And Mt. Takao is also famous for hotspring. We can heal our fatigue of climbing.

3. Ueno

Ueno is also a famous area in Tokyo, and there are a lot of charming points at there.

 It takes about 20 minutes from Shinjuku, and the cost is only about 200 yen! It’s very easy to reach and reasonable.

There is a zoo which is popular with panda. It’s very novel thing, and many people come to see them. In addition, Ueno zoo has many animals, and you can give food to them, in an appointed time.

And there are still many famous facilities in Ueno. For example, art museum, chemical museum, a big park, and so on. Among them, I recommend to go “Ameyoko”. It is also called “Ameya Yokocho”. There are a lot of shops and they sell various things such as food, clothes, bags, jewely, fish, and so on.

4. Tsukiji

 This town is famous for fresh food, so if you are intersted in eating fresh fish or vegetables, you should try to go there.

 To go to Tsukiji, you will take 2 trains from Shinjuku. It only costs 200~300 yen, so we can visit at reasonable prices.

 As written above, we can enjoy nice fish in Tsukiji. For example, there are more than 40 sushi shops at there.  And also Tsukiji is popular with bread. If you like eating various bread, you should check these bakery.

In addition, you can visit a famous big market in Tsukiji. You can buy fresh food at there, and also you can see the system of stocking. It will be good chance to know how to get food for the market, so I want to recommend this spot for a family which have children.

5. Tokyo Sky Tree

 The last spot is Tokyo Sky Tree. Have you ever heard the name of it? This is a radio tower, and it’s the highest tower in Japan and also it’s second highest building in the world.

 You can get there in 50 minutes, taking on 2 or 3 trains. Also Tokyo Tower is close to Asakusa, I recommend in the chapter 1 at this blog, so I think it is good to visit together.

In this tower, there are many kinds of shops, so you can enjoy shopping, eating and so on. And also this building has aquarium. It is indoor and it is very popular with Japanese people as a date spot. Why don’t you go there with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

 Furthermore, this tower light up in the night and it is very beautiful. You should see that wonderful night view once on your lives.

 How was my recommendation? Could you catch new information? If you are intersted in Japanese culture, I want you to go these 5 spots! Then I’m looking forward to coming the time when you visit Japan and go there.

 Thank you for your attention to my blog!


・Ameya Yokocho official website:http://www.ameyoko.net/

・Takao Dentetsu official website:https://www.takaotozan.co.jp/

・Ueno Zoo website:https://www.tokyo-zoo.net/zoo/ueno/

・Tsukuji Official Website: https://www.tsukiji.or.jp/

・Tolyo Sky Tree website: http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/