Boba tea in Japan

Have you ever tried Boba tea? If you have never tried it, you should drink it. If you have tried Boba tea before, you should find your favorite Boba tea shop, because each shop has different attractive points. So, in this blog, I will tell you why you should drink Boba tea in Japan.



1.What is Boba tea?

2.Why Boba tea is famous in Japan?

3.The reason why you should try Boba tea



What is Boba tea?

You can see Boba in many places. You can put it into Tea, milk, smoothie, coffee, fruit juice, and etc. It is small black ball, and it is chewy, and sweet. If you add it as topping, your drinks will get unique taste and texture.



It was created by Tu Tsong-he who was the owner of the tea house in Taiwan in 1980s. It was made of underground stem called the cassava root and we use its starches. This roots to be cooked in sugar and water until they reach a chewy texture.

I think you often see black Boba, but at first, it is white pearl. If you mixed with caramel, it will be black Boba pearl.

It contains about 15.4g carbohydrate, 4mg calcium, 1mg gallium, and 0.2g dietary fiber per 100g. You should be careful to drink too much, because usually, you will eat Boba with sweet things like milk tea, Taiwan pudding, and ice cream.




Why Boba tea is famous in Japan?

The Boba tea came to Japan in 1992. And many Taiwan Boba tea shops came to Japan. And it spread around Japan, and you could see at not only Boba tea shops, but also at convenience stores.

In this background, the number of Japanese people who visit to Taiwan is increasing, and in 2017, 1,898,854 Japanese people visit there. That is why Japanese people have more interest about Taiwan food culture and enjoy even after they came back to Japan.

And recently, many Japanese people try to make Boba tea in their house. If you want to make it, you should buy a dry Boba, and soaking dry Boba into water, and boiled, so you can enjoy Boba tea in your house too.




The reason why you should try Boba tea

In Japan, various kinds of Boba tea shops are existing, and they are all different. For example, they use different size, texture, color of Boba and it doesn’t get you boring. I am the one of the repeater of Boba tea, and usually I buy it about twice a month!!

Each shop uses different kind of base drinks. Some shops are specialty of tea and use tea leaves which were carefully selected by professional people. Some shops are make various kinds of menu, so people try different taste.




Also, shops are tried to distinguish with other shops by its package and shops atmosphere. They use SNS to share and advertise drinks and compete, so quality of products is really high. I also take picture when I buy Boba tea and post on Instagram! Therefore, you can more enjoy Boba tea in Japan.