Disney is content that gives us dreams. I love Disney and often go to Disney resorts.This page, I would like to introduce my favorite Disney while tracing the Disney’s history.

1,Disney’s born

(1) Wolt Disney 

(2)Japanese Disney start

2,My favorite Disney’s place

(1) Tokyo Disney Land

(2) Tokyo Disney Sea

3,Disney Resorts’ recommended food

(1) Tokyo Disney Land

(2) Tokyo Disney Sea


1.(1) Wolt Disney

He was born in Chicago. He have loved drawing since he was little and started learning painting when he was child. In 1920 he founded a private office. This office was produced original animation. But This office was forced into bankruptcy once. It was Disney that revived from there. There is something like this in his quotations. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing that it was all started by a mouse. It means that everything grows when it’s small. Let’s start small things steadily. 

1.(2) Japanese Disney start

Japanese Disney Land started in 1983. The older ticket was sold for 2500 yen.There is a difference of about 6000 yen compared to now. It’s a surprise, isn’t it? Even more surprising is that Disney’s maps are handwritten. The area is smaller than it is now, but it is a cute illustration, so please take a look. Next, I will introduce the characters that have been around for a long time. Mickey Mouse, Miney Mouce, Ploot, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Gofy, Chip and Deal.There characters were exciting the show. 

2.(1)Tokyo Disney Land

My favorite place are Toon Town and Cinderella Castle and Mery Go round. Toon Town is Car, Chip and Dale are the motifs. A lot of yellow and light blue are used to create a pop world view.

It is a popular place with lots of space to take pictures. I also often take pictures. Cinderella Castle looks very beautiful. The inside is a place where Cinderella’s movie is the motif, so if you like Cinderella, Please go.

Mary Go Round is at the back of Cinderella Castle. At night, the lumps turn on to create a fantastic place. It’s a fairly tale space.  Music can be heard from the vehicle, making it even more comfortable.

2.(2) Tokyo Disney Sea

My favorite place are Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast and Indi Johns. Mermaid Lagoon’s motif is Mermaid. It is created a world view like in the sea. Wakame seaweed is also floating the celling and it is cute. There are also many delicious food shops and souvenir shops.

Arabian Coast’s motif is movie called Aladdin. It is big hit in Japan as it was remade into a film. There are flying vehicles and food made with Aladdin’s world view.

Indi Johns  is the creation of the world of action movies. It smells like jungle and has dynamic gimmicks as water and fire. The atmosphere changes greatly between day and night, so let’s go both!

3.(1)Tokyo Disney Land

It names Tipo Torta. Ticker than churros, with potato souse inside. There are always a lot of   people in line, but it’s worth it.


It is Turkey leg. I think that this food is most delicious in Tokyo Disney Resort because it has a lot of volume and the gravy is amazing.

3.(2)Tokyo Disney Sea

This is fondant chocolate flavored churros. The taste is simple and delicious, unlike the gorgeous appearance. The wrapping paper is also limited to the 20th birth anniversary and it is cute.

It is Clam Chowder. It is with Micky’s bread and it is very cute. Bread is not only cute but also firm and delicious. It is recommended because it warms up when you go Disney in cold winter season like now.

4. Finally

I love Disney. You all love it too. Disney still has a lot of charm, so please look for it. Then you can enjoy Disney more. It has become difficult to go due to the COVID-19, but I pray that you will return to your original life as soon as possible.