Do you like manga?

What do you spend your free time at home in the rain? TV, movies, sleeping, playing game,……. If you are tired of these or if you are still free, read the manga. You won’t be bored if you read manga. I’m going to show you a couple of different genres of manga .


1. Battle

2. Fantasy

3. Sports

4. Adventure


This genre, as the name implies, is a manga in which the protagonists battle with their enemies and rivals. What I’m going to show you is My hero academia. In this manga world, each man has his own personality and is a superhuman story. that’s why occupation called hero in order to prevent crimes that use individuality increases the number of crimes that use individuality. Individuality-less main character who longed for the occupation understands the individuality from attracted HIRO, and it’s the story which becomes the best hero. A fascinating place by this cartoon is the place which is the grown-up story which is becoming strong gradually a place is the individuality-less at first, and by a weak main character’s beating an enemy while making an effort by oneself. The character which comes out is also original and fascinating.


It’s The Promised Neverland which is a jailbreak fantasy to want to introduce me. The story which finds out that not an orphanage, but a bogle is at the human feedlot to eat when there are main characters who thought it’s an orphanage and lived, and escapes from there. A wonderful place by this cartoon is a brain battle with the main characters to decide not to realize a jailbreak and a breeder. Psychological war beyond imagination.


Even the sports inside is a cartoon about male volleyball in particular. The cartoon I’d like to introduce is Haikyu!!. It’s height 164cm, but main characters are Hinata of high jump power and genius setter Kageyama. A stage is a high school. The high school which says that they’re strong before but weak now holds 2 people, and it’s a story aiming at national domination. A wonderful place by this cartoon is a picture with an uplifting feeling very much. If even the person who doesn’t know reads volleyball surely clearly well, it fits in.


HUNTER×HUNTER is the maanga that I want to intoroduce. The story by which a main character is adventuring with my company aiming at a first-class Hunter. A main character gets over hard experience as well as my company and does battle using the ability as the Nen, and it’s growing. The character which comes out is attractive. Not only the main character but also the enemy characters are very popular. However, there is something you need to be careful about it. So,it is the new book doesn’t come out at all the time.