How interesting SUPER GT is

Where is the interesting point and scene of Super GT?
It is amazing crush and overtake.
I introduce SUPER GT’s interesting point and why SUPER GT become popular in japan.

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2. 5 misery accidents in Super gt


I introduced Super gt’s interesting point in previous post.

This post describes what points are fascinating audience in the race.

5 misery accident in Super gt

Motorsport has sometimes machine’s bad condition and breakdown.
These conditions cause race accident and crushes.
I introduce miserable crushes in resent races.

Ⅰ. ZENT LC 500 in 2018 FUZI Round.5

This accident caused by brake trouble.
Car couldn’t use brake and crushed to the other car, ZENT could participate in next day’s race but other couldn’t.

Ⅱ. Keeper LC500 in 2016 Fuji Round.5

This accident caused by machine’s structure break.
Stay has broken and rear wing go away.
This accident made this machine lap down.

Vivac MC 86 in 2017 Suzuka Round.6

This accident caused by human error.
Driver Takamitsu Matsui said “I spine by revers bank and turned to back.”

Ⅳ. ARTA BMW M6 in 2017 Round.8

This spin caused by hit to the guardrail and hoped.
Power slide makes machine break.

Ⅴ. ZENT LC500 in 2016 Fuji Round.2

This accident caused by the shortage of fuel.
We don’t think the car race doesn’t miss the mathmetics and if there are no trouble, they’ll run the whole distance but they couldn’t.


I introduced Super GT interesting point, I’m sorry for my description is not enough, thank you for your reading.
I’m happy if you see the motor sport even if it is not Super GT.

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