I want you to play a game.

Do you have any favorite game genre? It’s OK for people who haven’t played games before, and you’ll definitely find a favorite!

So please do it all! Do it.

Quick Look at the contents

1. What genres are suitable for me?

2. Go on a rampage in the future world!

3. Make rice!

4. Be rebellious!

5. Why don’t you think about life through games?

6. Uncover the murderer!

1. What genres are suitable for me?

If you are worried about what kind of game is good, please remember your childhood.

There is no one who has never played games before.I’m sure you’ll remember having fun playing games.

That kind of old game is evolving now! For example, the Super Mario series has become 3D.

So don’t worry.The game is just evolving, but it’s the same as before.If you still can’t decide, just buy the jacket game you like!

This is Mario’s 3D version.

Wow, Mario’s hairstyle looks like this.

2. Go on a rampage in the near future world!

This is probably the only game that has become the talk of the year!

Cyberpunk 2077!

This game, set in the wild America of 2077, has become common sense to put machines in people’s bodies.

It’s a game in which the protagonist climbs up in such a world as setting up a scanner in the eyeball and putting artificial muscles in the arm.

There were a lot of bugs and there was a lot of trouble with refunds, but I had a lot of fun playing it.

There are endless ways to play in the open world, so I really want you to play this game.

3. Make rice!

Have you ever eaten rice?

In Japan, it has been a staple food that can be eaten almost every day since ancient times, and it has an inseparable relationship.

What I’m going to introduce is a game in which the god of rice cultivates rice paddies and knocks down evil people.

Sakunahime, the god of rice, grows stronger every year when harvesting rice, but of course the rice for that purpose must be grown by the players.

From the distance between rice planting to daily fertilizer, water, pests, beneficial insects, climate and harvest season, you will be surprised at how realistic rice cultivation. The recommended target site is the homepage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Also, the battle is finished very easily. If you meet a boss who can’t beat you, first harvest rice to improve your ability.

4. Be rebellious!

Everyone must have admired a spectacular thief like Arsene Lupin at least once.

Then, aren’t you interested in a thief who steals your heart? To a gang of rebels who steal the hearts of bad people and reform themselves.

Speaking of the persona series, it’s a well-known masterpiece, but this is the fifth one.Don’t worry, there is no problem even if you don’t know about the previous work.

You break into the Palace, the distortion of other people’s minds, steal the Treasure with a mysterious action, and reform it.

But you’re just a student, so you should never you are.

The targets range from bad guys nearby to big painters, swindlers, company presidents and assemblymen.

You’re going to get involved in a conspiracy… Oops, from here on out, please try playing.

A must-see for stylish and very cool actions and battles.

5. Why don’t you think about life through games?

Is it just a children’s game? Shut up, shut up! I wonder if you can say the same thing after playing this game!

I think NieR : Automata is the best game.

The main character you operate is a combat Android named 2B, she will continue to fight on the ground on behalf of humans fleeing to the moon to regain the earth from space invaders and mechanical life.

It’s a game where you can’t help but think about philosophical ideas such as where true life is.

Years have passed since mankind left, and you will travel here and there on a devastated earth on a mission.

You will encounter various characters in this situation, and your values will surely be shaken.

When you see lifeless machines living just like humans, you may not know what’s right.

That’s all right. That’s how you enjoy this game.

6. Uncover the murderer!

Lastly, let me introduce you to a mystery game that I would be especially recommended.

It will surely enrich your life.

Do you know the very popular series called DANGANRONPA? There are already one, two, and three, and there are animations.

For example, about 15 high school students are locked up in schools, and for some reason they end up killing each other on the spot. This is because if the criminal is not identified in the trial held after the murder, the criminal can go out.

You have to become one of the killers, deduce the perpetrators of frequent murders and survive.

If you want to play, make sure to play from scratch! After that, let’s watch a couple of animations and then play a V3 game! This is because if you do this series in turn, it will be many times more interesting! Please don’t look at the ending first.