Japanese eat rare food


There are many foods which are common in Japan but minor food in overseas. This site shows you some foods.





4.salmon roe


In Japan, the culture of eating octopus has taken for 2000 years ago, and there are many dishes such as TAKOYAKI.

In some foreign countries, not scale seafood is filthy because of religious reasons, and it is called “Devilfish” and has been hated. it is eaten in South Korea and Thailand in Asia.


It is a popular food in Japan, and tiger blowfish shirako is a high-grade ingredient. Shirako is a testis of fish. Foreigners seem to be reluctant to eat sperm.


Burdock is rich in dietary fiber and is very popular in Japan but it is said that the fragrance and acridness are unacceptable in overseas. During the Great East Asian War, when I cooked burdock for an American prisoner, there was mistaken for the root of a tree. Japan was accused of “causing a prisoner to eat the roots of a tree” in a post war trial.

4.salmon roe

Salmon roe which is a popular sushi item in Japan is eaten only in some parts of the world. There are few cultures of eating raw fish overseas, so it seems that people are reluctant to eat it. But, with the popularity of sushi, there is no resistance to eating it.


Japanese food is registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and is expanding. It may be a popular food in a few years.