My recommended spots on the Izu Peninsula

When I was doing lifesaving in the sea of ​​the Izu Peninsula, I would like to introduce a place where I was happy to go around sightseeing spots on off days.


  1. Meals & Shaved Ice Kitchen ZEN

  2. Mt. Omuro

  3. Bamboo forest path

  4. Jogasaki Coast

  5. Finally


Meal & Shaved Ice Kitchen ZEN

The first place I would like to introduce is a restaurant called Meal & Shaved Ice Kitchen ZEN. This is a shaved ice shop that opened on July 18, 2019, about a 10-minute walk from Izukyu Izu-Inatori Station. We serve Japanese-based meals and shaved ice made with seasonal fruits throughout the year. With an ocean view, the terrace seats can be accompanied by dogs, and only shaved ice is served from July to September. The reason why this shop is recommended is the overwhelming location. If you go on a sunny day, the view is very spectacular and there is a swing in the cottage, so if you ride on a swing there, the sea breeze feels good. Secondly, the shaved ice is very delicious. There are various types of shaved ice, and the royal taste is delicious, but the shaved ice, which is made with seasonal ingredients for a limited time, was also very delicious. I have eaten Kyo Uji Matcha (with milk) and Black Tea Imo Brulee. This is the photo below.

It was very delicious.

Mt. Omuro

The second is a spectacular spot called Mt. Omuro. It is a popular spot in Izu that is visited by about 5,000 people a day during the top season such as Golden Week, with a mountain with an altitude of 580m and a circumference of about 1,000m. Since Mt. Omuro is designated as a natural monument, it is prohibited to climb on foot to protect the environment. So there is a lift entrance at the foot of the mountain, so you can climb the mountain with a lift. Mt. Omuro has a large eruption site with a diameter of 300m and a depth of 70m and has a concave shape in the center. It is also a place that has been talked about as being similar to the place that appears in the movie “Your Name.” At the top of the mountain, you can go around the eruption site. It takes about 1 km per lap, and the estimated time required is about 20 minutes. The scenery from the pot-touring road is unobstructed, and it is a magnificent view no matter where you look around the road. Surrounded by wonderful landscapes of nature such as the Pacific Ocean, the Izu Islands, and the Amagi Mountain Range. Isn’t there a mountain with such a good view?
There is a shop on the top of Mt. Omuro where you can enjoy drinks, dumplings, soft-serve ice cream, and takoyaki.

I ate dumplings. It was delicious.

Bamboo forest path

The third spot I would like to introduce is the small diameter of the bamboo grove. Along the pillar river that runs through the hot spring town of Shuzenji Onsen in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is a representative hot spring area of ​​Izu, the red-painted bridge is about 300m long, built from Katsura to Kaede Bridge and further upstream to Takishita Bridge. It is a quaint walking path. It is a walking path that has been maintained for three years since 1994. In addition to a large circular bench made of bamboo in the center, a stone monument engraved with “Bamboo Forest Path” along the small diameter and a gallery where events are held. There is a “Shuzenji Corridor”. It is lit up at night, and you can enjoy a different landscape from the daytime.

This small diameter of the bamboo grove was born by improving the section from Katsura Bridge to Kaede Bridge in 1995 and the section to Takishita Bridge leading to Akagaeru Park in 1997 in order to utilize the bamboo that originally lived in this area. It was a walking path. It gradually became popular because it is a place where you can enjoy the quaint scenery of cobblestones, and it has become one of the major tourist attractions of Shuzenji along with Shuzenji. A place where you can enjoy a truly luxurious time, such as walking on the stone pavement wet with the morning dew in the early morning while listening to the murmuring of the clear stream of the Katsura River, feeling the sunlight shining through the bamboo grove, and feeling the wind passing through the bamboo grove. It has become. Also, in the fall, it shows colors centered on the Japanese maple, making it a popular spot for autumn leaves in Shizuoka Prefecture. There is a teahouse and a Japanese-style gallery in the middle of this small path of the bamboo grove, which makes you feel like walking, and the large circular bench made of casual bamboo in the bamboo grove creates a truly picturesque scene. ing. If you sit here, close your eyes, and listen to the rubbing sound of bamboo, you can feel a very luxurious flow of time in the silence and spend a blissful time. Please come and visit us early in the morning.

Jogasaki Coast

The fourth is the tourist spot called Jogasaki Coast. “Jogasaki Coast” is made of lava that flowed out when Mt. Omuro erupted about 4000 years ago. It is recommended to take a walk through the picnic course with a total length of about 9 km and the nature research road. In particular, the “Kadowakitsuri Bridge” with a total length of 48m and a height of about 23m is a thrilling scenic spot. From the observation deck of Kadowaki Lighthouse, where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view, you can see the Seven Islands of Izu and the Amagi Mountain Range. In addition to the magnificent scenery, you can enjoy hydrangea in June, Hamakanzo and Lilium maculatum in July, and cute flowers such as chrysanthemum and leopard plants in autumn.

It was quite expensive, but the scenery was beautiful and it was the best.


How was that? I introduced the spots on the Izu Peninsula that I went to, but there are still more recommended spots. Especially hot springs are the best places. Please come and visit Shizuoka prefecture.