What is Setsubun?


Why sowing beans?

How to sow beans


What is Setsubun?

Setsubun is an event on the day before the beginning of spring, when the demons are driven away and the New Year is celebrated.

 Setsubun in 2021 is Tuesday, February 2nd.  The direction is “south-southeast”.

 The beginning of spring is the beginning of the new year, and Setsubun is a big day.

 The day before the beginning of spring was the last day of the year until the Edo period.

 Actually, “Setsubun is February 3rd” has continued for 36 years, but it will change for the first time in 37 years.

 The beginning of spring is the day when the solar ecliptic longitude reaches 315 degrees.  If the beginning of spring moves, the setsubun will also change.

 The moment of spring in 2021 is 23:59 on February 3rd.


Setsubun has a long history as an event to drive away demons, and is said to have its origins in the Heian period.

 People of this era attributed demons to catching colds and causing fires.  In order for everyone to live happily for a year, They tried to drive away the demons and prevent bad things from happening.

 Bean sowing was originally a custom of the Ming dynasty in China.  It was during the Muromachi period that it was introduced to Japan.

 Also, depending on the region, They thought that Setsubun would take one year.  Therefore, the custom of eating beans for the number of years may have been born.

Why sowing beans?

There are various theories.

・ beans are familiar with “mawomessuru(destroy the devil)=mame(beans)”and the pun is good. 

・ the Chinese medical book says “beans eliminate poison and stop pain.” 

・ Of the five grains, it hurts when thrown the most.

 Mame-maki has two meanings: “to beat the demons” and “to throw beans to bless and calm them down.”

How to sow beans

Offer beans

beans have a lot of power, so offer them in a high place.

 Use boiled beans.  If the beans you forget to pick up sprout, your acting will be bad.

 Start from the back room

 Throw beans toward the outside of windows and doors, saying “Onihasoto”.  Immediately close the windows and doors and throw the beans into the room saying “hukuhauchi”.Repeat this until the front door.

 Eat beans

 Eat as many beans as your age.

 Time is night

 This is because demons are thought to visit at night.


Ehomaki is said to be “If you turn to fixed direction and eat up silently, your wish will come true.”

 There are various theories about its origin, but it is said that it started as a prayer for prosperous business in Osaka and Senba at the end of the Edo period.

 Seven kinds of ingredients are used after the Seven Lucky Gods.