The future of Japanese Esports


Do you know about Esports? Esports may be a little different from the world of video games you know. I would like to explain Esports in detail from now on. After reading this article, your thoughts on video games may change.


  1. What are Esports?

  2. Differences in awareness of Esports between the world and Japan

  3. Esports and Japan

  4. The future of Esports

What are Esports?

Do you know a new category of entertainment called Esports? Esports is now attracting attention all over the world and is gradually beginning to be recognized in Japan. Esports is more than just a video game. The most important feature of Esports is its competitiveness, and some competitions have large prizes.

Differences in awareness of Esports between the world and Japan

In recent years, the difference in consciousness between Japan and overseas has narrowed, but the big difference in esports consciousness seems to be in the way of thinking. Overseas, as a large company, corporate sponsors and grand prizes already support esports, but not in Japan.

Esports and Japan

Although Esports itself is thriving in Japan, the current situation is that its ability is low compared to other countries. Some teams have also participated in the world championships of game titles that are also on the Tier table, but they have rarely achieved high rankings. The possible reason is that there is little competition with regions other than Japan, and there are few chances to close the gap with overseas.


The future of Esports

The Japanese still seem to have a strong view that esports is just a game. Compared to the world, Japanese esports is still developing. Further attention in the future may be the key to the development of e-sports in Japan. I personally hope that esports will grow as a player who actually plays, watches, and enjoys esports not only in Japan but also in the world.


1,INSIDE [By the end of the year, “e-Sports awareness” has risen significantly, and the number of spectators has increased by about 300 million … Overseas survey report]