These are things to eat and take home from Japan.

When you visited to Japan, you may want to eat or take souvenir to home. But when you didn’t know things what should buy and you saw this page, you are right answer. In this page, the Japanese university student tell you things about absolutely you should eat or take away souvenirs to home.



1.Chocolate your hands will not get dirty “Pocky”

2.The cheapest and delicious snacks “Umaibo”

3.If you eat it, you can’t stop to eat “JagaRiko”

4.Japanese ancient sweets “Dorayaki”

5.The most popular chicken cuisine in university students “Karaage”



Chocolate your hands will not get dirty “Pocky”

This is one of the most popular chocolate sweets in Japan. Pocky has big features.

It does not get dirty your hands and Pocky has many types of taste like strawberry and Matcha(Green tea). Japanese University students always put in their bags. Because the Pocky’s package is not so big, and Pocky has a lot of quantity. So University students share their Pocky to friends. If you buy a Pocky, Let’s try to share the Pocky.


You can buy Pocky at “Okashi no machioka” 「お菓子のまちおか



The cheapest and delicious snacks “Umaibo”

Umaibo is one of the cheapest snacks in Japan. It has 33 kinds of taste and the taste of “Tonkatsu sauce”, salami, and cheese are popular. You can buy in large quantities because the price is cheap. So you can distribute to your many friends, and if you have favorite taste, you can stock it.


You can buy Umaibo at ” Okashi no machioka ” 「お菓子のまちおか



If you eat it, you can’t stop to eat “JagaRiko”

I think JagaRiko is the most delicious snacks in Japan. The most famous taste is salad with the green package. It is taste like mashed potatoes. If you eat it, you can’t stop to eat it. You and your friends will like it.


You can buy it at ” Okashi no machioka ” 「お菓子のまちおか



Japanese ancient sweets “Dorayaki”

Doryaki is an ancient Japanese sweet. And Japanese people are eating from 800 years ago. Recently you can buy at the Japanese festival or shrines. Anko inside it is a sweet only eaten in Japan. Dorayaki has appeared in animation and manga as a favorite of Doraemon, a famous Japanese animation.




You can buy it at ” Kameju ” 「亀十


The most popular chicken cuisine in Japanese university students “Karaage”

Karaage is a popular Japanese food among young Japanese people. There are Karaage shops in many places in Japan, my recommendation is shops called Yukari in Asakusa. I think that store’s Kraraage is so big and very delicious. I hope to eat it many foreign tourist.


You can buy it ” Yukari ” 「縁 ゆかり


Finally if you want to buy those foods, snacks or sweets, I hope to see this blog.

There are a lot of delicious foods in Japan. Please enjoy your Japanese trip.

Thank you for reading this blog.