Top Anison Artist LiSA


Do you know LiSA? Today, most people know her name. she became famous last year and she still so popular. She participated in the Red and White singing contest for the second consecutive year and she won the Japan Record Awards with her song “homura”. I’m her fam so, this time, I introduce about her what you don’t know.

  1. Her basic information

  2. Is she not popular until now?

  3. Her representative song, best 3

  4. Her original word

  5. finally

1.Her basic information

Her real name is Lisa Oribe. She is from Gifu and she is 33 now. She made her debut as an artist in 2010. She acted a character voice “Yui” the anime “Angel Beats”. Then, in 2011, she released her first CD, then solo debuted.

She became popular to the general people with “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and that opening song “gurenge” and “homura”.

鬼滅の刃」コラボルーム|高速バス/夜行バス予約|WILLER TRAVEL

2. ]Is she not popular until now?

She becomes Japan leading artist but she is already so famous and popular artist in anison world. She songs a lot of anime opening song and anime song fan know her song. I think she is top or second positioned in anison world. She songs the anime opening, the anime will become famous.

Not only anison, she has a lot of good song. She holds live tour every year. She goes whole country and sing in a large venue, especially dome.

I go her concert in 2019 in Yokohama arena. That great concert. I memorable she sang “gurenge” for the first time in a live.


3. Her representative song, best 3

I introduce LiSA’s good song best 3.

No.3 Rising Hope

It’ s a high tempo rock song and make us high tension. I think this intro are one of drug.


No.2 Orange Cider

It’s not anime song and not title song, but it’s good enough for everyone to know. Sometimes, make me happy, and other time, encourage me.


No.1 best day, best way

This song is most favorite. I listen this song when I depressed. It encourages me with good lyrics and up tempo sound. I especially like after second rust. The lyric sink deeply into my mind.


4. Her original word

She has original word. It has another mean that have true mean. I introduce.

Her fans =LiSAッ子

CD=love letter

Concert = date

Online live = telephon

She sometimes use these words. We feel special.


I want everyone to know more about LiSA, she looks cool, but she has lovely and friendly side. Additionally, her good songs are not only “gurenge” and “homura”. I want you to listen her song. You will surely find your favorite LiSA’s song and you will take a fancy to LiSA.