Two lakes in Teshikaga in winter

Many people who visit Hokkaido will go to western Hokkaido, especially Sapporo.

However, I recommend you to tern your eyes to eastern Hokkaido. Eastern Hokkaido has many beautiful and spectacular scenes. Especially, in winter, the nature of there show us both beautifulness and strictness of very cold winter.

Today, I’m going to introduce about my birth place, Teshikaga town, in eastern Hokkaido.


  1. Lake Mashu

  2. Lake Kussharo

  3. Access

  1. Lake Mashu


There is the beautiful lake colored deep blue, we will see or feel KAMUI(Spirit of Ainu).

Lake Mashu is the most popular Lake in East Hokkaido. Its world-leading transparency and wonderful color has strong popularity and so many tourists visit there every year.

Lake Mashu is a must see.

Lake Mashu of the coldest period(フリー写真素材【写真AC】)



Sunset from Lake Mashu in winter(フリー写真素材【写真AC】

2. Lake Kussharo

We can do not only enjoy scenes, but also touch the nature around Lake Kussharo.

Lake Kussharo is the biggest lake in Hokkaido. This lake was made by super volcano’s eruption, so this lake is surrounded by many mountains and very big.

There are swans in winter. Swans come very near to us. You can take pics with them!

And when you are at one of the part of the beach of this lake called Sunayu, You can make your own hot spring, onsen, by digging the sand. After digging, You can enjoy Ashiyu, foot bath, in nature.

Swans coming near to us

There are many swans


After enjoying nature, rest your tired body in Onsen hotels.

The nature of Teshikaga will help healing your heart and spirit.


From Kushiro Airport

60min by car.

From Kushiro Station

90min by train.


Photo by Teshikaga-navi