Why don’t we go out for lunch in Kichijoji?

 The nearest station from my college is Kichijoji station. There are many popular and delicious restaurants and cafes. Can you decide one you go? I can’t decide!

 So, I am going to introduce five restaurant and cafes selected by me there. You’ll get hungry after reading it. Also, these photos are taken by me.


1 Cute rice omelet

2 Gentle taste

3 Pho for reasonable price

4 Half-boiled egg

5 Lastly


1 Cute rice omelet

 First, l recommend “CUMAMORI CAFE”. There can eat western food.

 The interior design is very cute.

 I ordered a rice omelet. There is lot of vegetables on the plate. It look colorful, so it’s photogenic. It’s so delicious! l recommend crème brulee too.

2 Gentle taste

 Second, l recommend “Sippo”. There can eat set menu meal and cakes. Furthermore, there can have fancy and cute drinks.

 There is very famous, so It may be that you wait in line for a long time. I suggest arriving there early. 

 I ordered today’s menu. It is gentle taste and generous portions than I thought! I was happy it.

 I was so full, so I can’t add to cakes. I’m sad.

 I want eat cakes the next opportunity.

3 Pho for reasonable price

 Third, l recommend “chopstick”. There can eat Vietnamese foods. What is good about there is a pho. Amazingly, it is made of Japanese grown rice flour!

 The exterior look like a stall. There has a long line in lunch time. But, there is good a rotating customers.

 I ordered a lunch menu(A). It’s pho, comga (Vietnamese chicken rice) and lotus tea or oolong tea. I chose soy milk pho and lotus tea. I took this opportunity to love lotus tea.

 Also, the price is reasonable. It’s easy on the wallet.

 I like the atmosphere of the restaurants. I have been there.

4 Half-boiled egg

 Fourth, l recommend “chopstick”.

 Sorry in advance. The place is Izakaya. But that meal is also delicious! I love Izakaya meal.   There can eat a chicken dish and drink alcohol.

 I ordered a Oyako-don. It come with a miso soup, dessert.

 I had less rice. Nevertheless, the amount is still large. The half-boiled egg is very yummy. Next time, I wanted go to drink alcohol with my friends.

 There can learn some new things. Yakitori is another regularly served at there. 

5 Lastly

 Lastly, Would you like some dessert after the meal? l recommend “ShowerParty Cafe”.There can eat cakes. The front of shop is clothes store “ShowerParty”, the back of shop is café  “ShowerParty Cafe”. You maybe can’t know there at a glance.

 I ordered cheesecake. It looks so beautiful. So I hesitate to eat it. One of my favorite things is there’s cakes changes every month.

 How did you like it? Are you hungry? I’m hungry when I was writing this blog.

 Actually, I introduced restaurants and cafes that I went there alone!

…Why don’t we go out for lunch in Kichijoji?