Differences and Recommendations about Cosmetics

Makeup is applied all over the world, but there are differences in countries or regions. What you want to be is differ in era or cultures or the person themselves.

Japanese cosmetics may not be well known overseas. I think skin care products are better known, but there are many good cosmetics in Japan. Among them, I would introduce about eyeshadows and mascaras I’ve used that can buy at pharmacies and select shops.


1. The differences between overseas makeup and Japanese makeup

2. Recommended eyeshadow available at pharmacies

3. Recommended mascara available at pharmacies

1. The differences between overseas makeup and Japanese makeup

Many Japanese woman wear makeup almost every day. Many people makeup not only when they go to work, but also when they go out, go to school, or a bit go out. Most woman I see while walking in the city wear makeup. Almost Japanese woman feel embarrassed when they had no makeup from a certain age. The idea that makeup is a manner still exists in Japan. I hope everyone will be more confident in themselves and be free to makeup or not. Also, Japanese makeup is light and use sheer product. There is makeup like without makeup in Japan. The policy of Japanese makeup is to be as natural as possible. Japanese woman much use brown or beige eyeshadow, sheer lipstick, separate or longer mascara than volume mascara, eyebrows are fill the gaps, moderate or no highlights and shadows.

In comparison, I’ve heard that people don’t wear makeup that often in overseas like Europe and America. I think people makeup thoroughly at a special occasion such as a party. Makeup points are strong eyebrows, use volume mascara, thick & long eyeline, and highlights and shadows. It’s just my impression so I’m not sure.

2. Recommended eyeshadow available at pharmacies

I will introduce some recommendations from among the Japanese brand eyeshadows I have. You can buy at a pharmacy or select shop like LOFT or PLAZA. Recommended for souvenirs.

  • CANMAKE, Perfect Multi Eyes, \780 (tax excluded)

Palette of 5 colors, all colors are matte texture. There is a chip and a small mirror on the back of a lid. Color is light. The dark color can also be used as an eyebrow powder. I have 2 colors 03 and 04. 03 is a red-brown terracotta color, and 04 is smoky pink and yellowness brown color. Both of them make the eyes naturally clear.


  • CEZANNE, Single Color Eyeshadow, \400 (tax excluded)

A large silver glitter on a clear base. Suitable for overlay on another eyeshadow. It’s shimmery, so putting on a middle of lid or lower lash line gives a three-dimensional effect. It’s a little easy to fallout, so I recommend you to use eyeshadow base.


  • Majolica Majorca, Shadow Customize, \500 (tax excluded)

The powder is soft and spread well. It has 22 colors and I have 4 colors.

BR583, Teddy: Red brown with silver glitter. The most moderate glitter that I have.

BE384, Cork: Pink beige with silver glitter.

BE330, Masala Chai: Orange beige with silver glitter.

Vl482, Twilight: Bright purple with silver and gold glitter.

Recommended combinations are Teddy & Cork and Masala Chai & Twilight. My favorite is put Cork on around the eyes and put Teddy on crease or upper lash line. Also, mixing Masala Chai and Twilight turns pink and this color is so cute.


  • excel, Skinny Rich Shadow, \1500 (tax excluded)

This is higher price than the products I’ve introduced. The powder is soft and moist. Contains squalane. This isn’t fallout from lid. There are 7 types in total, all based on brown and beige with a little pearl. Well compatible with skins. SR10 I have is a purplish brown.


  • excel, Real Clothes Shadow, \1500 (tax excluded)

This is a little expensive too. This contains more pearl and more sheer than the previous one. There are 6 types and various colors. The powder is soft and not fallout from lid. CS06 I have is limited color.


3. Recommended mascara available at pharmacies

I will introduce about some Japanese brand mascara that I have or I’ve used before. You can buy at a pharmacy or select shop like LOFT or PLAZA. Recommended for souvenirs.

Sorry, I currently don’t have ④
  • FASIO Powerful Film Mascara (long), \1200 (tax excluded)

Tubing mascara. The brush is small, thin and easy to apply. As a improve point, the viscosity of the liquid is high, so can’t keep eyelashes curl. Technique is necessary to apply well. I have brown and this brown is dark brown. There are brown and black.


  • Film Micro Brush ver., \1200 (tax excluded)

No.1 mascara that I’ve ever used. Water proof. The small brush can make separate eyelashes. Good at curl keep. It’s never running when I stay outside all day long in the summer or when I enter the sea. However, it says that it can remove with hot water and face wash but I can’t remove this, so I recommend to use mascara remover or point makeup remover. I have brown and this brown is right reddish brown. There are brown and black.


  • Heroine Make By KISSME, Long & Curl Mascara Advanced, \1200 (tax excluded)

The same series as the previous one. This is regular size brush. The brush is slightly larger than other Japanese brand mascara. This is good at make volume eyelashes. If you want separate eyelashes, I recommend you to use a micro-sized brush. If you want volume eyelashes, I recommend you to use a regular-sized brush. I have mauve pink, and it’s a limited color. The regular color is brown and black.


  • My lash by Opera, opera mylash advanced, \951 (tax excluded)

This is Tubing film type mascara. No fiber. It’s can make eyelash longer naturally. Since there is no fiber, this isn’t smudges. The improve points is liquid easily sticks to the container lid. Color is only black and this black is natural, not too black. The brush is thin, so easy to apply eyelashes on tail of the eye or bottom eyelashes.


  • Majolica Majorca, Lash Tint, \1200 (tax excluded)

Water proof. It’s comb type mascara. The characteristic of this is that it has two layers. The upper blue layer has a care effect and the lower black layer has a color effect. Use the two layers mixed several times. This can make natural length eyelash. The blue layer makes eyelash naturally clear. Recommended if you are looking for natural eyes.