What is the Vtuber?


Vtuber is getting popular but I think many people still not know it so in this page, I wrote about Vtuber to propagate it to those people.

1.what is the Vtuber?

2.How this contents get big?

3.Vtuber that I recommend.

1. What is the Vtuber?

  • Do you know the Vtuber? Vtuber is the abbreviation of virtual youtuber. Their name has including youtuber but they were broadcasting except youtube too. Vtuber is mainly popular in japan but recently it getting popular in many other countries.
  • In Japan, firstly get famous and greatly contribute to recognize their existence is 「Kizuna AI」.

2. How this contents get big?

  • The reason Vtuber get popular and big is there market expand, so the large company entering to this industry. This accelerate the Vtuber recognition.
  • In addition, clipped videos by fans have summarized the interesting scenes of long broadcasting and helping to popularize vtuber.

3. Vtuber that I recommend.

I think non Japanese will see this page so I will recommend this Vtuber 「Kiryu Coco」. She is the idol belong the company called hololive and debut in December of 2019. The person inside mother tongue is English so she will be react eligible to your English comment. when she start first broadcast she’s Japanese still not good but it get improve in her broadcast period and now she speaks Japanese so fluently so if you have interest at Japanese her broadcast is optimum.