The Latest Japanese Trend the Disposable Camera “Utsurundesu”

Have you ever heard about “Utsurundesu”? It’s the revival of the disposable film camera that made from Japan. And this camera became trend. Why? Take a look.



1.what is “Utsurundesu”

2.what kind of photos can be taken

3.why is it so popular today

4.How to check photos that you taken


What is “Utsurundesu”


At first, I’d like talk about what is “Usturundesu”.

This is the Utsurundesu look like. It has black body and It’s very light so east to carry.

Utsurundesu was released 30 years ago by Fujifilm. It seems that it was out of style once, but fashion repeats itself. Now it’s became trend as the “写ルンです”(Utsurundesu in japanese)tag on Instagram has amassed over 555k posts and counting.(11/11/2018)



You can buy Utsurundesu at camera store, convenience store, drugstore, electrical store in Japan. Amazon is also available. It costs 1,000 to 1500 yen and after you are done with roll of film, you can easily get another.

And one of the biggest strengths is the sheer simplicity of operation. To take a picture, all you have to do is wind up the film with your finger and the camera is ready for the shot. When all 27 or 39 shots have been taken, all that’s left is the development, and the anticipation of seeing how the photos turned out. And you can flash photography.

what kind of photos can be taken


Then, what kind of photos can be taken? These are the photo that taken by Utsurundesu. Day or night, people, views or food, you can take retro and expressive photos.



This filter is best with Japanese style like yukata and kimono. It feels like very old photo but at the same time, very modern and brilliant.



It’s very good at landscape and scenery.



There are so many evening sky and sunset photos on Instagram. There are so beautiful and stylish. This tone made Utsurundesu very popular.

If you will go to Tokyo Disney, I definitely recommend bring Utsurundesu! It will be good memories. These cute pics were taken in Tokyo Disney Sea. Not to take landscape and scenery but also take a person is very popular.



The photos are produced make it appear as if the streets of Japan have returned to the Showa era, presented in faded tones and blurry edges evocative of the past.

Why is it so popular today?


What makes young photography enthusiasts favor the grainy, erratic, quality of film photography that modern cameras have tried so hard to eliminate? It could be the analog appeal that gives the camera an unlikely charisma; the retro quality and sighificance of each shot gives users a uniquely engaging photography experience.



In addition, as you know, Instagram is one of the most popular app. To get more “like” on your post on Instgram, people try to take nice pics like instagrammable, photogenic, instagenic. In Japan, we have a word that have same means these words, “instabae”. Instabae became buzzword.



Film camera is one of the way to “instabae”.

How to check photos that you took?


At last I would like to show you how to check photos that you took with Utsurubdesu. You can get your film developed at electrical stores in Japan. For example, Camera no Kitamura, Yamada Denki, K’s Denki, Kojima Denki, Bic Camera, and so on. These are chain store so you find easily. Go to the store and ask the clerk about Utsurundesu. You can get film developed, data for your phone, DVD, and CD. And it takes 30 minutes at least.



Camera technology is moving fast so there are a lot of types. But if you chose “Utsurundesu” in Japan, you can make special memories as a photo that is very retro, old-fashion and vintage look. It’ll be definitely awesome!

Enjoy your Utsurundesu life!