All you need is here! Japanese Starbucks Perfect Guide!

I think everyone surely knows Starbucks. Many people have used it, but do you know that there are some different points for each country? When I went abroad and went to Starbucks, I was very surprised that it was different from Japanese Starbucks.

 So, I, working in Japanese Starbucks, want you to know some unique points in Japanese Starbucks and enjoy it. If you read this, you can enjoy in Japanese Starbucks!


1.Check the drink size
2.Check the normal amount of espresso and syrup
3.Check the flavor of syrup
4.Check the kinds of milk
5.Check the tea drinks
6.Check the seasonal drinks

Check the drink size
Short This size is the smallest size as same as kids size in America. A short dink is 8oz (240ml).
Tall This size drink is 12oz (350ml). Please don’t call this size “small”. In Japan, small is short size!
Grande This size drink is 16oz (470ml).  
Venti This size is the largest size in Japan. A venti drink is 20oz (590ml).

In Japan, there are only 4 sizes. There is no Trenta size (30oz), so be careful!

When you order most drinks except seasonal Frappuccino’s and mousse form latte (these two kinds of drinks only have Tall size), you can choose from all sizes.

Check the normal amount of espresso and syrup

Size Pumps of syrup Shots of espresso
Short 1 1
Tall 2 1
Grande 3 2
Venti 4 3

※Depending on the type of syrup, the number of pumps may be different.

※Café Americano is different number of shots. In order, 1,2,3,4.

These numbers are little different from other countries’ Starbucks. Please try to customize to your liking based on this table.

Check the flavor of syrup

One of the fun things in Starbucks is customization, right? We can choose and change syrup. In Japan, there are 7 kinds of syrup.

  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Classic
  • Almond Toffee
  • Mocha
  • White mocha
  • Chai

There are not Raspberry, Hazelnut and so on. Please be careful!

Check the kinds of milk

At Starbucks, we can choose the type of milk.

  • Starbucks milk
  • Low fat milk
  • Nonfat milk
  • Breve (BREH-vay) milk
  • Soy milk

There are 5 kinds of milk.

Do you know breve milk? This milk is made of fresh cream and normal milk. With this milk, the drinks become sweet and thick. Only soy milk needs additional charges.

Check the tea drinks

In Japan, the tea beverages are substantial!! I often order tea beverages. So, I will show you some tea beverages.

☆Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha is bitter taste powder of green tea. This drink is made of the Matcha and milk. The bitterness of Matcha, sweetness milk and syrup are delicious.

If you want to enjoy Matcha more, I recommend this customization.

  • Extra Matcha powder
  • Nonfat milk
  • Whole milk
  • No syrup

☆Hojicha Tea Latte

Hojicha is roasted green tea. This drink is delicious with mellow milk and tea leaves aroma.

Taking more time to steam tea leave makes it more delicious.

I recommend this customization.

  • Whole milk

☆Yuzu citrus & tea

Yuzu is one of the citrus fruits. It is a food that gives Japanese style to cuisine and dessert.

This drink is made from the yuzu and other citrus fruits, so it is refreshing drink that feeling Japanese style. In addition, this drink has hot and cold, and you can choose the kinds of tea leave. Please try to find your favorite.

Check the seasonal drinks

Starbucks coffee Japan is focusing on seasonal drinks. In Japan, they usually release the seasonal drinks in once a month. Generally, hot and Frappuccino drinks are released. I will show you two drinks.

☆Goma goma goma Frappuccino and Latte (26/12/2018~15/1/2019)

The left is Goma goma goma Frappuccino, and the right is Goma goma goma latte.

Goma is sesame in Japanese. This drink is one of the drinks of “Starbucks Japan Wonder Project”. The project is to get people to know about the appeal of Japan and to enjoy it.

Didn’t you wonder if drinks and sesame are compatible? Actually, the flavor of sesame was very good and a little sweetie. I loved this drink!

Unfortunately, this drink offer period has ended, but “Starbucks Japan Wonder Project” will continue!!! I can’t wait the next Japanese drink. How about you? Please check it!

☆Valentine Custamania Frappuccino and Coco (16/1/2019~14/2/2019)

This is the Valentine drink! Doesn’t it look like delicious?!

Custamania means that Starbucks want you to pursue your favorite maniac and have fun. So, this time, you can choose 3 types customization, coffee, romantic, and chocolate.

I’ll explain the normal one. The Frappuccino uses caramel chocolate source, coffee powder, and black biscuits. On the top, there are chocolate source! This is very sweet! The coco uses caramel chocolate source, too. This is sweet cocoa.

When you order the coffee customization, espresso or coffee adds in each drink. I recommend this customization. It improves the flavor.

When you order the romantic customization, strawberry flavor meringues add on the top of the drinks. It is very instagramable drink.

When you order the chocolate customization, black biscuits add on the top of the drinks. In addition, chocolate chips are in Frappuccino. If you love chocolate, I recommend this style.

Please find your favorite.


Starbucks Coffee Japan has some unique points, and they are good and fun points.

Please try to find your favorite drinks in Japanese Starbucks and please enjoy your Starbucks’ time!