The most futile controversy among Japanese students

I AM WARNING!! All human beings must know lot about this problem if you are afraid of making an awful blunder in spending comfortable lives. I will promise that you can avoid it. Furthermore, to know even a little about this will help you make great friends.


1. What is Inkya?

2. Features of Inkya

3. What is Youkya?

4. The origin of both concepts(?)

5. About me


What is Inkya?


It is very difficult to explain what Inkya means, because there are no appropriate translated word of it. But maybe “Melancholy introverts” might be a good one, I think. It often refers to an inconspicuous person kind of wearing a dark aura and usually being alone. They are often treated as the bottom of school caste, so it is a big problem for students to be labeled as Inkya.

Weren’t there some classmates who could study well, but were not familiar with others?

Such people are often regarded as Inkya, and it can be said that it will be difficult to recover once it happens.

Features of Inkya

Features ① Always alone


People who are always alone are likely to be Inkya. However, there are people who likes to be alone. Never say decisively that he is “Inkya” because he is always alone.

Features ② Poor communication skills

People with poor communication skills are likely to be labeled as Inkya.

Even if you talk to him, nothing except “Umm… ok” or “Sure”, would be replied.

Because such aspects are often caused by the environment in which they were brought up, it seems that he is not good at communication and his friendship is not wide since a long time ago.

Weren’t there at least one person who couldn’t communicate well with others though his quality of work wasn’t bad? He might be classified to the Inkya.

Features ③ Doesn’t look others’ eyes in conversation

They don’t look to your eyes in the conversation even though you speak with your eyes.

Such a person may have poor communication skills, and might be Inkya.

There must be some reasons why they can’t keep their eyes. For example, because they don’t have confidence in themselves, or because they are afraid of being objected.

Talking with eyes must be conscious until getting used to, so maybe they haven’t grew up in such environment. Either way, it can be said that there are some similarity to the features of the Inkya in the point that they have few friends and poor communication skills.

Features ④ Less love experience

Lack of romance experience leads to a loss of self confidence and creates a negative loop of saying that they are not popular with the ladies.

That makes them difficult to communicate with women, and only good friends will create your own world and live there.

As a result, they went straight ahead to the Inkya.

Features ⑤ Do not make flocks

Inkya has a habit of hating herds. It might be more appropriate to say that they can’t make it instead of they don’t make it. However, it is also the feature of Inkya that many of them have longing for having fun with many people.

What is Youkya?

Contrary to Inkya, people who have high communication skills, who are popular in the class, and who can spend happily with others are called Yokya.

Because they are always with friends, it is hard for them to understand the reason why Inkya prefer to be alone.

People who has a strong image to be with friends may be classified to Youkya.

The word “Yokya” is often used by Inkya to express people who lives in the opposite world to them. So Yokya never use the word “Yokya”.

The origin of both concept(?)

Let’s have an interesting story here. Don’t be surprised, there is a person who advocated a concept similar to Inkya and Youkya in the history.

It is the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the father of analytic psychology.

He first advocated the concept of introverted/extroverted types in his own book “Psychologische Typen” in 1912.

The basis of Jung’s type theory is the mental energy ideal way. According to him, whereas extroverted people gather vitality by socializing, introverted people would be exhausted by socializing. Therefore, when introverted person goes out to crowded places such as parties, lonely time will be needed to “recharge” and become energized.

Jung! Were you prophetic of the controversy of Inkya and Youkya!??

About me

I am always alone.

I guess I have the most poor communication skills in Japan.

I can’t keep my eyes among the conversation.

I haven’t had any love experience in my life.

I hate flocks, but I wish I could have fun with many friends.

Am I Inkya? Don’t say that!!