3 recommended attractions in “Yomiuriland”.

Do you know “Yomiuriland”? Or have you ever visit “Yomiuriland”? 

This time, I would like to introduce 3 recommended attractions in Yomiuriland.

It is a place that both adults and children can enjoy. If you ever visit Tokyo, you should go to Yomiuriland.



1. What is Yomiuriland?


2. Bandit


3. Splash U.F.O


4. Hero Training Center “Mission8”


1. What is Yomiuriland?

Yomiuriland is an amusement park that spans Tokyo, Inagi City and Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture. Yomiuriland is an amusement park located in Inagi City,Tokyo. It opened September 24,1964. There are two stations closest to Yomiuriland: Keio-yomiuri-land Station on the Keio Line and Yomiuriland-Mae Station on the Odakyu Line. It takes about 25 minutes from Shinjuku Station to get to Keio-yomiuri-land Station on the Keio Line. In order to get to Yomiuriland from these stations, you have to use the gondola.



I recommend visiting Yomiuriland in winter, because it is decorated with a large scale illumination during that season. The illumination is very beautiful and very attractive, so a lot of visitors come to see it.


2. Bandit

I would like to introduce three attractions in Yomiuriland. The first attraction is the Bandit.

Bandit opened March 1988. It is a large roller coaster with a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour, a total length of 1560 meters, and a maximum height difference of 78 meters. It traveling at a height of more than the gondola that passes next to it. So, I think it is the most famous and most thrilling roller coaster in Yomiuriland. Furthermore, in winter, from the highest point, you can see not only the city skyscrapers and Mt. Fuji, but also Yomiuriland decorated with illuminations. It is  so beautiful.


3. Splash U.F.O

Splash U.F.O opened in March 2016 in the Goodjoba! !area. This area was newly opened in March 2016 as an area where you can experience manufacturing.

Splash U.F.O is a whitewater rafting attraction where you can ride a rubber boat and experience the process of making Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.This attraction is a video button shooting game where you have to fight off the Kettler, an enemy that interferes with the production of Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O, to protect the Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O factory. This attraction has points along the way where you will be splashed with a lot of water and plummet down, giving you thrill and the feeling of cup noodles.



4. Hero Training Center “Mission8”

Hero Training Center “Mission8″an attraction where you can train your abilities to become a hero.This place was opened in March 2013.

 The first step is to complete three stages and if you can pass the judgment stage, you can move on to the second step. If you can clear to the judgment stage, you can move to the final step. If you can successfully complete the Final Step, you will be able to judge your potential as a hero at the end. This attraction gradually increases in difficulty, so it is not easy to move on to the Final Step. However, if you keep trying, you will be able to clear it and judge your hero ability.


Would you like to be a hero?
Let’s go to Yomiuriland!
Thanks for watching!





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