If you read this, let’s go to the field to cheer for the women’s sports players!

This picture shows my sister playing soccer.

Do you know the “WE league”? It is Japan’s first women’s professional soccer league that started in the September 2021. I like watching sports very much. Especially because my sister plays soccer, I often watch with my family. Today, not only men’s but also women’s sports are evolving.


1.What is the “WE league”


3.The different between the WE league and J league

4.To watch the game !


1.What is the “WE league” 

The “WE league” is Japan’s first professional women’s soccer league. “WE” stands for Women Empowerment. With the start of the league, a new profession was created as a female professional soccer player. There 11 teams in the  WE league. 

I posted it on Gekisaka’s website.

The 11 teams will play in the round-robin twice a year to determine their ranking. 


My sister belongs to a team of lower organizations in CHIFURE AS ELFEN SAITAMA.

The top team is mainly active in Sayama and Hanno cities in Saitama Prefecture. This is not a club with a men’s team, but a club specializing in a women, and the managers and staff are mostly women. As a team , we are increasing the number of places where women can be more active.

3.The different between the WE league and the J league

The J league was established in 1991 and opened in 1993. The opening ceremony was held at the Japan National Stadium, a lot of people came to watch the game. At the opening ceremony, players swore and fireworks went off. On the other hand, the WE league, which opened this year, was not attracting much attention and lacked excitement. In the first place, there were many people who didn’t know the WE league itself or even didn’t realize it had started. The picture below is from when I actually went to the opening game. 

When I actually went there, I felt that number of spectators and supporters was small. As expected, men’s sports and women’s sports have different levels of attention, and there is still little interest in women’s sports.

4.To watch the game!

Each team is making a lot of efforts to make them interested in women’s soccer even a little. Though SNS, we are working to upload not only the results of the game, but also the players’ daily appearance and practice. At the CHIFURE AS ELFEN SAITAMA home game, all spectators can get CHIFURE cosmetics. In addiction, children under high school age can receive stick balloons to cheer for them.

The stick balloon I got when I went to cheer for team.

Even if it’s not for the purpose of the game at first, I think it’ll be an opportunity to learn a little about women’s soccer by actually coming to the field to watch it. Take this opportunity to look at the women’s team and women’s sports in your area. And let’s find a recommended team and go watch it in person!