Top 5 PURIKURA in Japan

Have you ever heard the word “Purikura”? To put it simply, Purikura is like a photo booth and it is really popular for teenagers.

But there are a variety of machines and each one has a feature (like you can make your eyes big, make your skin whiter, take it with your friend or with your boyfriend etc…)

So, it might be a little difficult for foreigners to choose. If you are curious about it and want to take one, you’d better read this article.


  1. How to use the machine

  2. Top 5 Purikura

  3. Recommend places


How to use the machine

First of all, you need to insert 400yen.

The insertion spot depends on the machine, so if there aren’t any place to insert the coins outside, try to look inside.

The screen will tell you to choose several backgrounds. BE CAREFUL OF THE TIME BECAUSE IT IS LIMITED!!

Sometimes it asks you if you are going to take it with 2 people or with more people. Also, if you are with a friend or with your lover.


After the person before you finish their shot, the screen will tell you to go inside.

When you go inside, it will tell you to touch the screen to start. I recommend you to make sure you are ready before touching the screen, because it will start immediately.


After taking pictures, next is drawing time! The screen will tell you to go either to the right booth or to the left booth.


At this time, you can choose the size of your eyes, and the brightness of your skin.


After you finish drawing, its time to get out of the booth and get your Purikura.

The total time is about 15-20 minutes.


#5 キュント3(Kyunnto 3)

Natural, the size of the Purikura is small and compact

#4 SUU.

Best designs, can adjust your eyes finely

#3 winc3

It’s quite different from your face. If you want to try flashy Purikura, try this!!

#2 これ以上可愛くなってもいいですか2

You can take it in your own pace. There is a button near the camera, and you press it when you’re ready.


#1 トキメキルール(Tokimeki rule)

Different lens to other Purikura, natural, can make your skin bright.


Mainly, Purikura is in any game center. But not every game center has every Purikura. The top 5 Purikura should be in places were teenagers go. For Tokyo for example, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Ikebukuro is the place were teenagers go.