Why should university students travel abroad?

It is said that university students are best time to spend their time in their lives, and I recommend traveling during their own time. Now let’s talk about why I recommend traveling abroad and what the purpose of trip is.

1.Why do I recommend travel abroad?

2.What are you aware of when you travel?

3.What do you get from traveling?

4.What I think the freedom.

5.Individual values through culture.

1.Why do I recommend travel abroad?

What are you doing in your free time? Studying? Playing games? I recommend traveling. When you become college student, you can act to some extent and you do not have to be bound by parents. Until now, you don’t have the money to travel with friends, and you may not be able to play with friends because you are active in club activities, but since college students can work part-time and have a of free time, so they can spend time with friends.

(When I went to China with a friends)

Traveling with your friends create irreplaceable memories and makes you even closer. Friends who you travel with are very credible, and sometimes you want to travel with them.What are you aware of when you travel?

2.What are you aware of when you travel?

If you travel, what purpose do you act for? I think there are many things that you can find extraordinary life. Traveling has a lot of fun that you can’t usually enjoy. Also you can enjoy dishes you can’t experience in Japan, eating the real food is one of the wonderful memories. For example, insect food is become a global tend.

(Crickets when I eaten in Thailand)

Very often, traveling abroad changes the values. Culture, lifestyle and the way of thinking are completely different depending on the country or region, you realize that common sense in Japan is not common sense in the world. By overturning the common sense and thinking that we have cultivated up to now, we can broaden our horizons and help us find a new self. Traveling abroad gives you various surprises and discoveries, and you can feel the breadth of the world.

(I am walking in Ayutthaya, Thailand)

3.What do you get from traveling?

I think the most important thing about traveling is what you get from it. As I mentioned earlier, common sense in Japan is often not common sense in the world. By gaining access to foreign cultures and values, you will gain the ability to see, and think from a different angle. When you are traveling, it is a daily occurrence that things do not go according to plan. For example, transportation isn’t working on time, or you don’t understand the language and something different from what you were expecting came. However, if you keep in mind that “your common sense is insane for others.”, you will develop patience and not be irritated by small things.

You have to find out how much it will cost to get to your destination, what transportation should use, and arrange accommodations. If you go abroad, there will be language barriers, so it will be even more difficult. In many cases, even if you plan well, you will not be able to proceed as planned, and sometimes you will need to respond flexibly on the spot. Therefore, the advantage is that the experience value increases.

(We went to our destination and ate foods in Vietnam.)

4.What I think freedom.

I think the most important thing in this university life is “freedom”. Until now, you were bound by school rules and parents, but when you become a university student, you start spending more time alone and spending more time on your hobbies. The word “freedom” gives human more depth because polishing oneself can change one’s way of thinking and broaden the perspective. The word “freedom” and going abroad coincide here. You may not have much money, but you can challenge yourself by using the status of “student”. I think the freedom of university student is here.

There are many things overseas that are not well known in Japan. For example, when I went to the Vietnam War Museum, I was told that there are still children with disabilities due to the influence of the Vietnam war.

(Vietnam War Museum exhibit.)

So I would like to turn my eyes to the world and touch more while the university students have free time. Therefore, there are many good things about traveling because you can re-think your future and be free from your relationships. It gives you the opportunity to think about things that you wouldn’t normally think of and gives you an idea of what you really want to do.

Individual values through culture.

It is very important to experience different cultures when you are travel abroad. Desperately using English, which you don’t use in Japan, gives you the power to live and makes you think that you have to study English more. In addition, experiencing different cultures allows us to learn about the customs of local people, which may give rise to new values. It is true that not only the customs but also the history of the country will increase the opportunity to study. It will also be an opportunity to think about how the history of that country and the history of Japan are connected, and what impact that history has on modern times.

Through this overseas trip, I can create various memories and experiences, and I would like to continue to visit various countries and learn about their characteristics, customs, and history.

(To play with Vietnamese children.)