Japanese Ice Cream Comparison

Have you ever bought ice cream at a convenience store or supermarket in Japan? Actually, in Japan, there are more ice cream than you can imagine. Also, the quality of Japanese ice cream is very high, almost all ice creams are delicious. However, some of them look similar. It is hard to decide which one is better for you from the packages, so I want you to know what makes each ice cream unique. If you find your favorite, I would like you to give it a try.

1. Matcha ice cream×Mochi

2. Vanilla ice cream ×Chocolate coating

3. Milk ice cream×Condensed milk

1. Matcha ice cream×Mochi

Matcha is one of the Japanese traditional tea. Matcha is famous for its bright greenery and bitterness. On the other hand, Mochi is an Asian food, and it is very chewy. I found two Matcha flavored ice creams which have Mochi inside. The first one is “MOCHOTTOMATCHA”, the second one is “MATCHA MOCHI”.


This is sold at common convenience store named Lawson, and it costs 180yen.

This is the package of “MOCHITTOMATCHA”. It is made by Akagi corporation which is very famous ice cream company in Japan. However, “MOCHITTOMATCHA” is in the lacto-ice category. This means the ice cream is not so creamy.

Inside the ice cream, there is a flavored Macha Mochi. This Mochi is a little bit bitter, and melty. The moment you put it in your mouth, it seems like soft candy, but after two seconds, it melts and chewy. Maybe you can enjoy the texture. However, be careful that the mochi is not in the bottom.

The Mochi is surrounded with Macha flavored ice cream. It is not creamy, but it has soft texture and a little bit fluffy. In addition, the biggest feature is its bitterness. This ice cream is the bitterest I have ever eaten in my life. If you like Matcha, you will definitely enjoy it! I also recommend someone who cannot eat ice cream all by themselves because ice cream is too sweet to eat completely.


This is sold at 155 yen, and made by a company named TIROL CHOCOLATE. TIROL CHOCOLATE is very well-known among the Japanese people as a chocolate company.

This is sold at stores of TIROL CHOCOLATE, and some convenience stores. However, “MATCHA MOCHI” is a little bit rare ice cream, so if you can find this, you are lucky. In addition, “MATCHA MOCHI” is in the ice-milk category. It means it is creamier than the lacto ice like “MOCHITTOMATCHA”, but it is not creamier than the ice cream like “Häagen-Dazs”.

The innermost part is filled with Mochi. Whereas the Mochi of “MOCHITTOMATCHA” is Matcha flavor, the Mochi of “MATCHA MOCHI” is original flavor. It is a bit sweet, but it is thin and not much of a presence.

There is Matcha ice cream around the Mochi. However, it is completely different from the one of “MOCHITTOMATCHA”. It is so damn sweet. Of course, this is ice cream, but it tastes like Matcha chocolate. Maybe it is because TIROL which makes this ice cream is a chocolate company. The main part of this ice cream is absolutely this Matcha ice cream. If you like sweet ice cream, this is the best choice. I do not have such a sweet tooth, so it was hard for me to eat it all by myself.

The outside is covered in matcha-flavored chocolate. It is also so sweet. Also, it is a little crisp.

The graph comparing the two with each element is as follows. Which ice cream would you choose?

2. Vanilla ice cream×Chocolate coating

The first one is “ORIGO SMART”, the second one is “PARM”. They are almost the same size, the same color, and the same shape.


This is sold at 140 yen, and made by Meiji corporation, a big company. The target audience for this product is people in the 30-40 age group. Could you guess why?? This is because “ORIGO SMART” use a special oligosaccharide that is indigestible, and only half as many calories as sugar, so “ORIGO SMART” is a healthy ice cream, actually. However, “ORIGO SMART” is in the lacto-ice category., this is the same grade of “MOCHITTOMATCHA” (1-1).

The main part consists of vanilla ice cream. This is soft texture, little fluffy, and soooo sweet. In fact, it is not very creamy, it is light texture.

There is chocolate coating around the vanilla ice cream. This is sweet and very crispy, so as you eat it, the chocolate coating on the outside sticks to the vanilla ice cream. This is an interesting texture, and I think you will enjoy it! Also, thanks to its light texture, it refrainins from letting one’s stomach heavy.

2-2 “PARM”

This is sold at many convenience stores, and supermarkets at a cost of 140 yen. This is made by Morinaga corporation, also big company. Those companies, Meiji and Morinaga are the top two players in the food industry. Moreover, “PARM” is in the ice-cream category, this is the highest grade and same grade of “Häagen-Dazs” and so on.

The structure of ice cream is almost all the same of “ORIGO SMART”. The vanilla ice cream is on the inside. This is very rich and creamy, and it melts like a butter. It is more sophisticated taste than “ORIGO SMART”. Also, it has just the right amount of sweetness.

On the outside, there is a milk chocolate coating, just like “ORIGO SMART”. This is not crispy, but it is very creamy and mild flavor. The vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating melts together, like a fusion. If you are not interested in calories, and you like rich tastes, I recommend you to choose this one.

The graph comparing the two with each element is as follows. Which ice cream would you try?

3. Milk ice cream×Condensed milk

I found two ice cream bars which has condensed milk on the inside.


This is made by a company LOTTE, and sold at convenience stores and supermarkets at the cost of 140 yen. The package says that the condensed milk which was made in Hokkaido, Japan is used in this ice cream. However, it is in the milk ice category, it is not creamier than the one in ice cream category.

The milk ice cream covers the outside of the ice cream. It has soft texture, sweetness, and tastes like condensed milk.

The top half of the inside is filled with condensed milk. It is not condensed milk flavored ice cream, it is filled with condensed milk intact. When you bite into the ice cream, the oozy condensed milk melts out. It is very sweet, and creamy. Also, the bottom half of the inside is slightly packed with condensed milk, as shown in the image. In fact, those are trickle.

The bottom half of the inside is mainly filled with milk flavored shaved ice. This shaved ice has strong taste of condensed milk, so it is very sweet. Actually, shaved ice is the signature foods of Japanese summer festivals, and the condensed milk flavor is one of the most popular. That is why this ice cream makes me feel like summer.


This is made by Uchi Café, the Lawson private brand. Lawson is one of the most famous convenience store chain. It is on sale for 153 yen, and sold at only Lawson, because “NOKO MILK BAR” is made by Lawson. In addition, “NOKO MILK BAR” is in the ice-cream category, so overall, it is creamy.

The outside is covered with milk ice cream. It is soooo creamy, and a bit soft texture. This is the most delicious milk ice cream I have ever eaten, but the important part of this ice cream is on the inside.

On the inside, there is a stinky cream which tastes like combining milk and condensed milk. Its texture is like caramel or soft candy, but it is ice cream, so it won’t stick to your teeth like caramel or soft candy. As I said, the texture is very unique and extraordinary, so you will be surprised when you first try it.

If you like creamy ice cream or milk ice cream, why don’t you try this!!

The graph comparing the two with each element is as follows. Which ice cream would you choose?


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