The ideal and reality of high school life in Japan

In this article, I would like to show you how different school life is in reality from what is portrayed in Japanese anime and manga.

1.No transfer students can’t get in Rooftop

3.Gym wear is jersey

4.The miniskirt is an illusion

1.No transfer students


Basically, high schools have a fixed number of students to recruit per school year. So unless a decrease in the number of students dropping out or staying in school occurs during that school year, school cannot afford to accept outside students. And even if the school is recruiting for vacancies, a transfer test that are so difficult that even students enrolled in school cannot solve them awaits them. You can’t transfer into a school unless you are very well-timed, smart and have a special reason. can’t get in Rooftop


In many anime and manga, the rooftops are open to the public, and are portrayed as a place for the characters to relax, eat, and rest. However, in reality, the rooftops of schools are off-limits and cannot be entered. There are three reasons why. 

One reason is to prevent suicides. There are so many suicides in the news today because of bullying. If the rooftops of schools are opened up, there is a possibility that children who have been bullied will commit suicide at school.

Second reason is to prevent accidents from falling. It is very possible for a student to play in a dangerous way, such as sitting on a fence, and inadvertently fall off. If you fall from the rooftop, at best, you may break a bone, and at worst, you may die. To prevent such a worst-case scenario, the rooftops of schools are off-limits.

Third reason is to prevent delinquency. Rooftops are out of sight of teachers, so there is a great possibility of smoking and bullying going on there. In order to prevent such incidents, the rooftops of schools are closed to the public.

3.Gym wear is jersey


When it’s time for physical education, girls change out of their bloomers and join the class. You would think that all female students in Japan would be attending class in such cold clothes! But nowadays, it would be faster to go to Akihabara to see them in their bloomers.

The bloomers, which were widely used around the world in the 20th century, disappeared in Japan as the 21st century approached. Now, gym clothes are shirts and half pants, and bloomers are no longer a costume play.

At the time, bloomers were unpopular with female students, and there was a movement against them because of the number of times they were photographed wearing bloomers at school events. Encouraged by the concept of sexual harassment, which became a new word and a buzzword in 1989, close-fitting bloomers were replaced by half pants and jerseys, and disappeared from the educational scene.

4.The miniskirt is an illusion

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The high school girls in the anime wear mini-skirts, and each uniform has its own arrangement. Sure, there are students who wear miniskirts in real life. However, in many schools, skirt length is restricted to be 5cm or less above the knee and so forth. The teacher will warn you if their skirt is too short. In addition, there are many restrictions on their appearance, such as checking whether they dye their hair or not. As you can see, high school life is a time when there is surprisingly little self-expression through clothing.

We have shown the differences between the anime world and the real world, and the reason for these differences is that the creators lived in a time when such customs existed. But as time goes on, habits are dying out and new cultures are being created. However, the fact that a practice that has disappeared is still present in cartoons suggests that people are longing for the less restrictive days of the past.