Old days play of Japan (5 of selection)

Do you know the play played well of Japan in old days?

There is the simple and pleasant play that comes in the present age in Japan a lot!

Please know the good old Japanese tradition through play if you came to Japan with much effort!

I introduce five plays that it is easy and pleasant to recommend personally here.




  • Play1, Kendama  (けん玉)

This is a play, with the plaything called “Kendama”, you raise the ball which is with a thread, and catch it to get on the small cup or big cup.

When you play it with singing a song, it is more fun. (♪moshimoshikameyo♪)

It is pleasant to compete who is continued for the longest time.

If you want to watch the movie of the way playing Kendama, please push this link.



  • Play2, Ayatori  (あやとり)

This play is that I lope one thread and string, and that be created the form using mainly fingers. Making various form with only a string.

So I can do it anywhere if there is even a string, it is simple at all and can enjoy it.

This link is the movie that explains the way in English.


  • Play3, Koma  (こま)

This is a play that things called “Koma” with a string is pulled and turned.

It is pleasant to play in conflict with a friend. Also, there is not a string, and there is the Koma which I only merely turn. It has been played for many years while accomplishing various changes elsewhere.

If you want to watch the movie of disposing of the top, please push the link.




  • Play4, Menko  (めんこ)

By banding cards in turn and whether you reverse the card of the rival or put one’s card below, you decide a gameA card has a mark each and competes for the score.

I won the extreme popularity of the boy who plays in outside and inside.

This is the link which how to play menko appears in.





  • Play5, Karuta  (かるた)

The karuta is known as a traditional Japanese playing card mainly in the life.

Simple play to tell that one reads a label, and other people take the label corresponding to it, and to compete for the number of sheets.

Unlike the general rule, there are “bouzumekuri” and “genpeigassen”.It is traditional play loved by a wide generation.

The competition karuta using the traditional Japanese playing card is performed in Japan, too

You can watch a game of the competition karuta with this link.




How about? Because all of the play is pleasant play, everybody, please experience it! In addition, I am glad if interested in other play.

Thank you.