What is the “doctor of Shinkansen”?

Not all Shinkansen have the purpose of carrying people. One of them is called the “doctor of Shinkansen”. This page focus on it and will introduce its role.

1.What is the “doctor of Shinkansen”?

2.Doctor yellow -Only Kansai area can be seen-

3.  East i  -Only Kanto area can be seen-

4.  Good point of Shinkansen

1.What is the “doctor of Shinkansen”?

It is an inspection vehicle for other Shinkansen to run safely. The purpose is to properly maintain the Shinkansen facilities while running the actual route. Mainly they inspect the distortion of rail and the overhead wire and signal device works correctly.

In this way they support daily operation.Also, another Shinkansen is performing this task in Kanto and Kansai.

2.Doctor yellow -Only Kansai area can be seen-

Dr. Yellow runs between Tokyo and Hakata so you can only see it in the Kansai area. And it protects the safety of the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen.

As its name suggests, it features a yellow body. The yellow reason is that it is stands out at night and also to make the color stand out so that prevent passengers from accidentally riding it.

The running speed of Dr. Yellow is 270km/h which has almost the same speed as the one that carries passengers. By running in like the actual situation, can be more accurate analysis and train service is not disrupted.

A yellow body with a blue line is so cool!!


3.East i  -Only Kanto area can be seen-

I think many people don’t know about East i compared to Dr. Yellow. Both have same role, but body design and running section are very different.

It has a simple design with red line on the white body. And you can only see Kanto area because it runs on Tohoku and Western Japan. So to speak, the East i is “Eastern Doctor Yellow”.

Also, because the body is a little small, it can compatible with the “Mini Shinkansen” such as Akita Shinkansen and Yamagata Shinkansen. Until now, due to the difference in track width and voltage it was not possible to inspect the “Mini Shinkansen” uses the same line as the old line. East i is a great that is compatible with all bullet train.


4.Good point of Shinkansen

In my opinion, it is convenient to get to your destination quickly, comfortable, feels more special than a train or bus and can use it more easily than airplane.Also, “the ekiben” to eat while watching the scenery from inside it is very delicious.

Both Doctor Yellow and East i have no timetable and if you can see these, you are very lucky.

By the way, I happened to see Doctor Yellow at the platform when I went to Osaka before so I am a lucky person! I hope you will too.


↑It is my most favorite Shinkansen “Komachi”, Akita Shinkansen.     A bright red body and shaped face are so cool.

As you can see, the Shinkansen has many attractions!!