Let’s go strawberry picking!

Strawberries that appear from winter to spring. It’s red, sweet and sour, and the sweets made with strawberries are also very delicious, so it’s popular with many people. I also love strawberries.

This time, I will introduce strawberry picking, which is a unique Japanese culture using strawberries. After reading this blog, please make an opportunity to go strawberry picking and experience it.


1 What is “strawberry picking”?

2 How to distinguish delicious strawberries

3 Popular strawberry types

4 How to eat delicious strawberries


1 What is “Strawberry picking”?

Strawberry picking is a form of grabbing and eating strawberries in a greenhouse or farm within a set time. You can eat as many strawberries as you like within the time limit.

It can be enjoyed by children and adults and is memorable. I see many people taking pictures of strawberry picking and posting them on Instagram, but it seems to be very fun. Also, it is a good opportunity to eat fresh strawberries and various varieties of strawberries. This is something that can only be experienced by strawberry picking.

In this way, Strawberry picking has many attractions.

2 How to distinguish delicious strawberries

The best time to go strawberry picking is from January to March. However, be careful as it may be crowded during this time. 

Larger strawberries are often sweeter. This is because larger strawberries are full of sugar and nutrients. Also, it is better to choose a flat tip rather than a sharp one.

And the one that is dark red and glossy as a whole is good. As this time, you should also check that the calyx is red near the calyx. If the calyx is deeply warped, it is a fresh sign.

You should remember these things when you go strawberry picking.

3 Popular strawberry types

I will introduce the popular strawberry varieties among the various varieties of strawberries.


Tochiotome is a strawberry variety in Tochigi Prefecture, which has the highest strawberry production in Japan. It’s a little small strawberry, but it has a good balance of sweetness and acidity, and when you eat it, the juice overflows in your mouth.


Amaou is a strawberry variety in Fukuoka Prefecture. It was named after the initial of Japanese sweet, round, big, and good. It is twice the size of other strawberries and has been registered with Guinness.

③Red Hoppe

Red Hoppe is a strawberry variety in Shizuoka Prefecture. The name comes from the fact that the flesh is bright red and the cheeks are so delicious that it falls off. It is characterized by its rich taste.

If you go Strawberry picking, be sure to eat these varieties of strawberries.


4 How to eat delicious strawberries

I see many people eating from the tip of strawberries. However, the delicious way to eat is different. It is a delicious way to eat strawberries from the calyx side to the tip.

Also, it is delicious to eat strawberries with condensed milk. Strawberry picking is recommended because you can add condensed milk for an extra fee. Besides, it is also delicious to eat with chocolate, honey and cream cheese.

When you eat strawberries, please eat this way.



Did you know about the popular strawberry picking in Japan?

Let’s go strawberry picking this year!