Welcome Marvel fans!

There are many movies in the Marvel movie, such as the Avengers, X-MEN and Deadpool.This time, I would like to focus on the Avengers.

1. What is a Marvel Movie?

2. What is the Avengers?

3. What is the order to view the Avengers?

4. The funny thing about the Avengers!

5. Recommended movie.

1. What is a Marvel Movie?#

Do you know Marvel movies? Marvell is a comic book publisher headquartered in New York, USA.It is a major American comic publishing company alongside DC Comics.

And a Marvel movie is a movie created based on American comics. It has become a huge hit all over the world and has sunk into numerous rankings.

2. What is the Avengers?

The Avengers is one of the most popular Marvel movies. Originally they were separate movies, but they were put together to defeat the evil enemies. The first movie released was Iron Man. Let me briefly talk about Iron Man. Tony Stark, who was an arms dealer, was caught in a war at a business partner and became a captive. It started when he made a robot with only what was there to get out of the place. Many Avengers Heroes have special abilities, but he is just a human. A mere human wears iron and fights the enemy.

3. What is the order to view the Avengers?

The Avengers has many works. There are 23 movies starting from Iron Man introduced earlier. I will introduce the Avengers Hero easily while organizing the time series. The time series is like this.
Captain America / The First Avenger→ Iron Man→ Iron Man 2→ The Incredible Hulk→ Mighty Thor→ Avengers→ Iron Man 3→Mighty So/Dark World→Captain America/Winter Soldier→ Guardians of the Galaxy→ Avengers/Age of Ultron→ Guardians of the Galaxy: Remix→ Antman→Civil War/Captain America→ Doctor Strange→ Spider-Man Homecoming→ Black Panther→ Mighty So Battle Royale→ Avengers/Infinity War→ Antman & Wasp→Captain Marvel→ Avengers/End Game→ Spider-Man: Far From Home.
The main heroes among these are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Mighty Thor.

They are early members of the Avengers. Captain America obtains a strong body through human experiments.

Mighty Thor becomes the king of the Kingdom of Asgard and gains the power of God.

The hulk becomes a green monster because of the medicine it made. Treated as a sad hero in the movie.

There are various other heroes, so I would like to introduce them in the next topic.

4. The funny thing about the Avengers.

The funny thing about the Avengers is that new heroes are added. The Avengers grow stronger as new heroes are added. The main heroes added in addition to the initial members are Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel. Due to the vicious enemies, the earth becomes half of the population. However, it is saved by the magical doctor Strange and the super-powered Captain Marvel. I get really excited when the heroes from different movies come together.

5. Recommended movie.

The movie I recommend is Avengers: End Game. This movie is a continuation of the Avengers: Infinity War. The surviving heroes will act. However, those actions will cause the loss of life. What exactly is that action? And what will happen to the future of the earth? Check out this complete movie of the Avengers movie.


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