A Guide to KALDI’s Coffee

In KALDI, there are more than 20 kinds of coffee beans. Some people have questions. “How to buy?” which coffee beans is good?” so, I write about how to order coffee beans and recommended coffee beans in KALDI.

Quick Look at the contents

  1. How to Choose Coffee Beans

  2. How to Order Coffee Beans

  3. Mild Kaldi

  4. Special Blend

  5. Italian Roast

  6. Kilimanjaro

  7.  Bird Friendly Blend

  8. Woman’s Hand Fairtrade Blend

1. How to Choose Coffee Beans

First, you go to a coffee beans corner. There is a display of coffee beans and characteristics of coffee beans such as taste are written. So, you read it and choose coffee beans. If you don’t know which one is good, let’s ask a store stuff. If you don’t like to ask, you can check recommended coffee beans as described below. KALDI sells coffee beans by 200g per. 200g is about 15~20 cups of coffee. And you can drink coffee deliciously about 1 month after you buy it. According to your frequency, you choose amount.

コーヒー豆の袋のイラスト(カフェ) | かわいいフリー素材集 いらすとや

2.How to Order Coffee Beans

After you choose, you tell a shop stuff coffee beans name, amount and grind or not. If you say you want a grinded coffee, a shop stuff asks you how to grind. So, you say such as for paper filter, for French press and so on.

ペーパードリップ・ドリップコーヒーのイラスト | かわいいフリー素材集 いらすとや

3.Mild Kaldi

Mild Kaldi is the most popular coffee beans. The taste is mild as the name suggest. The body is middle of light and full. The price is 496 yen. It is the cheapest price. You can try it easily.



4.Special Blend

The taste is bitter but the balance of acidity and bitterness is good. The body is full and satisfying quality of a drink


KALDI < https://www.kaldi.co.jp/ec/pro/disp/1/4515996015045?sFlg=2 >

5.Italian Roast

The taste is bitter. You can drink it deliciously by both of hot and ice. If you want to drink iced coffee, it is recommendation. During summer season, the name changes for ice blend.


KALDI < https://www.kaldi.co.jp/ec/pro/disp/1/4515996019104?sFlg=2 >


Mild kaldi, special blend and Italian roast are blende coffee, but Kilimanjaro is straight. Kilimanjaro is a coffee with high acidity. The smell is sweet and sour. Personally, I like the smell best.


KALDI < https://www.kaldi.co.jp/ec/pro/disp/1/4515996015120?sFlg=2 >

7.Bird Friendly Blend

The taste is mild and soft. As name suggest, it is cultivated environmentally friendly to protect trees where migratory birds. If you are interested in environment problem, it is recommendation.

【焙煎珈琲】バードフレンドリー(R) ブレンド/200g

KALDI < https://www.kaldi.co.jp/ec/pro/disp/1/4515996016622?sFlg=2 >

8.Woman’s Hand Fairtrade Blend

The taste is mild and soft. And it tastes refreshing. As the name suggest, it is cultivated by women in Guatemala. A part of profit is used for scholarship, life environment improvement and economic environment improvement and help for women independent. If you are interested in support for women in developing country, it is recommendation.

【焙煎珈琲】ウーマンズハンド フェアトレードブレンド/200g

KALDI< https://www.kaldi.co.jp/ec/pro/disp/1/4515996016882?sFlg=2 >