Would you like to enjoy coffee at Starbucks?

What do you drink when you go to Starbucks? You may often enjoy sweet drinks such as Frappuccino and Cafe Moca, but the real attention of Starbucks is coffee. In this blog, we will introduce you to the many coffee beans that Starbucks sells and how to enjoy them. Enjoy a deep taste that you have never experienced before.



1 Types of coffee beans

2 Enjoy coffee at home

3 Enjoy coffee at the store

4 What is food pairing?



1 Types of coffee beans

Coffee beans include “Arabica” and “Robusta”.

“Arabica” is laborious to cultivate and yields low but it is a variety with a gorgeous aroma and good flavor.

“Robusta” is relatively easy to cultivate and can be harvested in large quantities at one time. However, it is bitter and astringent, so it is cheaply exchanged for canned coffee or instant coffee.

The coffee beans used in Starbucks are 100% Arabica.

Arabica beans are cultivated at high altitudes of 900 to 1500 meters. Therefore, it must continue to withstand the heat and cold, and its harsh environment brings out a sophisticated taste.



2 Enjoy coffee at home

Have you ever brewed coffee at home? Instant coffee and packed drip are very easy, but I think it’s a luxury time to enjoy coffee brewed from beans with a little time and effort.

At Starbucks, beans are sold in 250-gram bags, but can be purchased in increments of 100 grams or more and 10 grams. You can enjoy the varieties you care about and the varieties for a limited time little by little.

You can also grind beans for free at the store. The clerk will teach you how to grind beans according to your home equipment, so you can buy the most delicious beans.



3 Enjoy coffee at the store

In addition to regular beans, Starbucks also sells seasonal beans. There are about 20 types in total. he aroma and flavor differ depending on the level of roasting and the origin of coffee beans

↑2021 Christmas limited beans

Starbucks offers different types of coffee on a daily basis. Have you ever seen this sign in front of the counter?

This card shows the beans used in the drip coffee of the day. From this information, you can find your favorite taste, or the food combinations described in the next chapter.

If you don’t have your favorite drip coffee, you can order it and drink it on the coffee press.



4 What is food pairing?

Do you know ”food pairing” ?

”Food pairing” is to select foods that are compatible with the coffee based on the characteristics and roasting method of each coffee bean.

For example, if you eat coffee that goes well with chocolate and chocolate together, the flavor of cacao will be more pronounced and will spread throughout your mouth.

“Ethiopian” beans produced in Africa are characterized by strong acidity and citrus cocoa flavor. Therefore, it goes well with chocolate scones. This combination is my favorite.

By the way, if you order at the store, you can choose between a mug and a paper cup. I like mugs that are more fragrant.

It may seem a little difficult, but it may feel like the world has expanded.
Check the Starbucks homepage or ask the clerk, You will surely find your favorite food pairing.



Enjoying coffee feels like an adult world, but there are endless ways to enjoy it with sweet sweets, add milk, and more.

Why don’t you enjoy coffee at Starbucks, a coffee shop?



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