Some tips on Tullys Coffee by clerk!

Do you know Tully’s Coffee?

This is one of the biggest cafe chain store in Japan!
(Unfortunately, it isn’t existed in America due to bankrupt.)

If you have been there or not, these tips are so useful!

I hope you enjoy reading this article and time of Tully’s coffee!




1. You should bring tumbler

2. You can remove Ice from drinks

3. If you have sweet tooth, you can increase syrup(Only hot drinks)

4. Some customized drink recipe






You should bring tumbler

When you buy a drink at Tullys, Do you think 「This is so expensive!」? If you think so, you should bring tumbler to receive discount!

This discount is 30 yen. If you want to receive more discount, you can make “Tullys Card” to receive more 10 yen discount.

If your tumbler is not big enough, you can take remaining another cup.


This tumbler can be used. Its discount is not limited to Tully’s tumbler!

You can remove Ice from drinks

Have you thought 「This drink is included much ice! It’s like I’ve been scammed!」? If you think so, you can remove Ice and increase the amount of drinks!


When you order a cold drink, you should say 「Please remove ice from drink」.  





If you have sweet tooth, you can increase syrup.(Only hot drink)

Do you know “Sweet Tooth”? It is called 「甘党」in Japanese. Its mean the people like sweet things.

In Tullys, you can say 「Please make this drink more sweet」 to increase syrup.

On the contrary, you can say 「Please make this drink less sweet」 to decrease syrup.

This order is valid for only hot drink.



Some customized drink recipe

I’ll tell you some customize recipe at Tullys. These are corrected from my fellow.

If you want to know more about drink in advance, you can learn here



1.Honey milk latte → change milk to Soy milk (+50 yen)

This customize is popular around my fellow. In fact, I don’t like soy milk so I haven’t drank yet, but I think it is one of the good option for you. 


2. Uji matcha latte → add Espresso (+50 yen)

This customize isn’t known.

Tullys’s Uji matcha latte is sweet, but adding Espresso, this becomes not too sweet drink. Similarly, matcha Lista (frozen drink)can be added Espresso. I think its option is the best!


3. Today’s coffee(Hot coffee) or Ice coffee → add cold milk(free)

When you drink coffee, do you add a suger or something to make more sweet? In this situation, you can select this option. It doesn’t cost, so you can try easily!



These are the all tips I prepared. Have you known that ? I hope your life will be more wonderful!



Tully’s Official site