The Efficient way to see Tokyo- HATO BUS

How do you enjoy Tokyo? There are many ways to enjoy it. However, there are so many things to see in Tokyo that you don’t know how to enjoy at it.

So, I will tell you about the most recommended way to go sightseeing in Tokyo. That is to take a sightseeing bus! This time, I will introduce HATO BUS as an example.


1 What’s the HATO BUS?

2 The best point why the HATO BUS sightseeing is the effective way to see Tokyo.

3 Advice to enjoy more. 

4 Finally


1 What’s the HATO BUS?

HATO BUS is a sightseeing bus whose trademark is Yellow Bus. HATO BUS operates sightseeing buses in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures.  

HATO BUS offers a variety of tours from Regular sightseeing and seasonal sightseeing.

So, you can choose your vest tours for everything from a few days to a few hours.

This time, I will introduce a plan for several hours. The name is “Tokyo Open Top Tour”. This plan is an efficient way to enjoy Tokyo more. With this plan, you can take a open bus without ceiling. This bus is about 3 meters high!

Sightseeing bus is very entertaining. For example, the bus guide is  interesting, they entertain us in various way, like  singing songs, teaching me bean knowledge etc…

2 The best point why the HATO BUS sightseeing is the effective way to see Tokyo.

There are three recommended best points.

First, just getting on the bus, you can enjoy the cityscape of Tokyo from a different perspective than you normally see. Since the open bus is about 3 meters high, you can fully enjoy the cityscape of Tokyo with a sense of realism that you cannot usually experience.

Even those who are accustomed to Tokyo can enjoy it from a different perspective.

Second, you can see the best view from the perfect position. For example, you can see up to the top of the Tokyo tower in the immediate vicinity. Fortunately, you’ll get the best shot when you stop at a traffic light. 


And third, you can enjoy Tokyo comfortably in a short time, about 1 to 3hour. Everything is a calculated route, so you can get around the good points of Tokyo as efficiently as you want. It is also recommended for families as it can be enjoyed while sitting.

3 Advice to enjoy more.

Refer to my actual experience, I will advise for more enjoyment. In December 2021, I took a daytime tour and a winter-only night view tour. 

★Both tours start and finish place is at Tokyo Station. 

・In the daytime tour, we visited Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Ginza and more.

・In night tour, we visited Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, Ginza and more. There was also time to went up the Tokyo Tower on the night tour.

First, make a reservation as soon as possible. Seasonal night view tours are especially popular. This is because you can enjoy the night view while avoiding congestion. The view from a high position is really good!

And I recommend the back seat. The back seat has a more realistic feeling because the front can be opened. You aren’t allowed to reservation of specific seats. You’ll be lucky if you can get the back seat! (↓View from the back seat.)

View from the back seat.

However, you can enjoy it at any seat.(↓View from the front seat.)

View from the front seat.

Finally, choose a sunny day! Open bus on a sunny day is great!


4 Finally

There are various sightseeing methods. But this time, I told you how to enjoy Tokyo efficiently in a short time.

HATO BUS is not only tourists but also people living in Tokyo and those who are accustomed to it can enjoy it. In fact, there were many people who enjoyed themselves, such as those who had returned from work. Sightseeing by HATO BUS can be done daily basis!!!

There are various tours, so please use it with your family, friends, and lover. You will find the perfect tour.

I hope you can enjoy Tokyo more!

Thank you for finding this article.