Top 3 recommended travel destinations in Japan

There are many famous tourist destinations in Japan so it was difficult to choose three. I’ve been to 18 of 43 Japanese prefectures. There are still many tourist destinations I haven’t visited.

  1, The third place : Yamanashi

  2, The second place : Kanazawa

  3, The first place : Miyakojima


1, The third place : Yamanashi

 I would like to introduce Kawaguchiko town and Narusawa village in Yamanashi. Yamanashi is famous for Mt.Fuji. Kawagutiko town and Narusawa village are located in south of Yamanashi. Therefore they are closer to Mt.Fuji and the temperature is lower than Kofu which is the prefectural capital. 

My cousin’s family lives in Narusawa village, I used to go there every summer since I was little. The picture on the left is Mt.Fuji seen from Naresawa village. The air is clean, so you can see it very neatly.

There are several caves in Narusawa village, and those insides are very cool and you can see bats if you are lucky.  There is a boat at Lake Kawaguchi and you can enjoy it. There is also Fujikyu Highland nearby, so you can enjoy the attraction.When it comes to food, there is Yoshida udon, which is famous for the hardness and chewyness of noodles. Fruits such as peach and grape are also famous.

Yamanashi is very cold and snowy in winter. So you can snowboard and ski. The picture on the right is when I enjoyed snowboarding at a ski resort at the foot of Mt.Fuji.

It is also recommended for day trips, as it is rich in nature and easily accessible from the city center. The most recommended season is summer. If you are tired of the heat, go to cool Kawaguchiko town and Narusawa village in Yamanashi.

2, The second place : Kanazawa

Kanazawa is in Ishikawa. There are many fresh and delicious foods in Kanazawa.

The two pictures above are Kanazawa Station. Kanazawa Station is very large, its structure is complicated and worth seeing. It takes about 2.5 hours from Tokyo to Kanazawa.

You can enjoy Japanese culture in Kanazawa. And Kanazawa is Japanese townscape with an atmosphere like Kyoto. There are many Japanese sweets shops and Japanese restaurants. There is a large garden called Kenrokuen, one of the three most famous gardens in Japan. 

In addition, the 21st century museum of art has recently become popular among young people. Kanazawa has a market for fresh fish. You can eat various kinds of fish at the market because you can eat fresh fish and walk around.

The picture on the left is a picture of a seafood bowl I ate in Kanazawa. There are many seafood bowl shops, so it is fun to choose one.

Kanazawa has many shops around and near the station, so you can go sightseeing without a car. There are many delicious foods in Kanazawa, but there are few sightseeing spots, so I                     recommended 2 days and 1                     night.

3, The first place : Miyakojima

Miyakojima is an island in Okinawa. Miyakojima is warm throughout the four seasons and the number of tourist is increasing year by year. 

This picture shows the sea of Okinawa seen from Irabu island. Miyakojima consists of eight large and small islands. The largest island among them is Miyakojima. There are two airports on Miyakojima. You can go directly from Tokyo. 

 There are many famous sightseeing spots on Miyakojima. The most famous place is Irabu Ohashi. Irabu Ohashi is a bridge that connects Miyakojima and Irabujima , and has a total length of 3540 meters. This is the longest free bridge in Japan. The view from the bridge is very beautiful. Parking on the bridge is forbidden, but it’s so beautiful that some people are stopped. There are also the most beautiful beaches in Japan. On Miyakojima, you can enjoy marine sports such as sap and snorkeling. 

 When it comes to food, there are many things that can only be eaten on Miyakojima. Miyako soba is especially famous and there are many stores. There is a folk izakaya, and there are also shops where you can eat while listening to folk.

 Miyakojima has many bad weather in winter, so it is not recommended to travel in winter. The weather is good in spring, but you can’t swim, so the number one recommendation is summer.