All you need to know about Purikura

Many young Japanese like Purikura. Do you know Purikura? Purikura can take a picture and make a sticker. But it is not just a picture. Purikura takes you more beautiful! And you can take a funny pose and decorate photos. Here is information about Purikura.

If you come to Japan, you should go to Purikura and take a picture. 🙂


  1. Where can you find a Purikura?

  2. What kinds of Purikura machine is there?

  3. Function of each Purikura machine

  4. What is going on inside the Purikura machine?


Where can you find a Purikura?


Many Purikura machines are in the game center. But game center is very big, so maybe you will worry about where is the Purikura machine. Don’t worry!!! Many game centers have Purikura space!!! You can find a Purikura machine to easy!!!

Even if there is no Purikura space in the game center youwent, many young Japanese school girls are there!!!^^


This time I went to the game center in Kichijouji.

The game center is under the LOFT. The game center was very wide….

But look!!! I could find Purikura space because the game center has this space.



At that time it was 10 o’clock so there was no one there. Then I found a poster.

This poster said Purikura corner is for women only, men alone can’t enter.

And attention is written such as you can not eat or drink in this space, don’t smoke here.


What kinds of Purikura machine are there?


There are many kinds of Purikura machines.

The machines are similar in shape, but their functions are different. 

The price is also the same (\400 yen), so it is good to choose the machine according to what you want to take. There are cases where reference Purikura is put, so it is good to refer it.





“Tokimeki rule”







Function of each Purikura machine


Then I introduce a 2 Purikura machines that is popular among young high school girls in Japan!!!

First, I recommend “suu.”.

The story can read during the time to enter the shooting booth. And it is also characteristic that you can choose the pattern of the sheet with the color of your choice and the color of your mood.

Also, the transparency of the skin is good and you can make a tear-drop bag and change the shape of your eyes. And unlike other machines, “suu.” can print the seal transparently!





Second, I recommend


It is a self shutter, so you can shoot after the pose has been decided. You can take up to 9 pictures and choose 5 of them. Depending on the mood of that day you can choose which way to pick one of the two patterns. The first one is glossy on the skin and is faint skin color.

What is going on inside the Purikura machine?


 I entered the “suu.” this time. The machine has a shooting booth and a design booth.

There are many bright lights in the shooting booth and there is a camera in the middle. Thanks to lots of lights, your skin will also look beautifully. Also, you can check the picture you took on the middle screen.

There are chairs in the design booth and there are also two pens. you can use this pen to decorate pictures. You can write your name, push pretty stamps and change the background. Also, recent Purikura machines can not only decorate but also change parts of the face. ^^

Thank you for reading this to the end. Next time I will tell you how to use it so look forward!!!

See you^^