What is POPEYE( magazine)???

Hello everyone, Recently, used clothing is more popular in Japan, so we see this clothing as cheaper and fashionable thing. Why is so popular suddenly, this is the reason that POPEYE is one of the reasons that everybody Become fashionable. However, what is POPEYE?


1,What is POPEYE

2, Why everybody read this book?

3,What are the most attractive points?

4, Which roll is interesting?


1 What is POPEYE???

Firstly, all most people do not know what POPEYE is, and think as American animation. However, what I tell you is just Magazine, is published once in a month. This book is related to Fashion, as well as culture like movie, picture. Seemingly, this book is alike any other magazine, but interestingly this book is sold very quickly in a bookstore. I buy this book to have enough budget, and I stay awake to read this book all night sometimes, that much this book is interesting for me. 


2 Why everybody read this book?

This book is about fashion of clothing, and culture, which is so interesting. For instance, [Guide of Tokyo] was issued in 2021 May, I read this magazine until now, so this book helps me lead good space like dishes, general merchandise, clothing shops and cafeteria. Most of all shops is amazing for me every time I go to shop, is in magazine. This book is not useful one, and as well as helpful for a long time. This is my reason, besides when everybody wants latest and cool information, part of people read this book and get an information.


3 what are the most attractive points?

This roll is about movie, [movie, I want to introduce] in December 2020. This book introduces about what is interesting movie, it is like any other magazines. Although, this book is seen from another perspective, so [what is fantastic room in all movies] and [Who is most muscles in actor] are unique title. This book leads me most impressive movie in my life, which is [story of my life] and [Field of dreams]. These are already famous, but I have never seen this before, this movie makes me change my life. If I have not read this book, I could not watched this movie.

4 Why I recommend to you read?

I was just helped by this magazine in so many times for a life, this book gives us advice of life and cooler in outlook as well as inside. This book is helpful for a life. I read this magazine again and again, so first I read this book roughly, after that, I read this book deeply, then I find unique points in this book. This action is what I want you to do same things. If you read this book, you find another culture and information and see from another perspective. So, this is the reason I want you to read.