Coffee shop best 5 of Tokyo

I Introduce the coffee shop which can taste a traditional Japanese atmosphere.


I introduce “the coffee shop” which can taste nostalgic space in Tokyo. “The coffee shop” means a shop providing coffee, a drink and cakes such as the tea, a light meal. By this article in Tokyo is delicious, and introduce the shop which wants to take a photograph.


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2.Lodge Akaishi 

3.Coffee shop YOU




This is a coffee shop called “gion” at Asagaya Station.

As for the appearance of the shop, the atmosphere that a letter is very stylish, and is nostalgic of green neon is felt.

The menu which is popular here “is ice-cream soda”!

As for the Japanese cream soda, a lot of things which carried ice cream on board on carbonated water of the melon taste enter the glass with the roundness mainly, and green carbonated water dazzles and is beautiful at all. In addition, I hesitate though a lot of other taste chooses it because there is it. The taste is very delicious. It is recommended without being too sweet because I am refreshed and match meals well! There is the volume, too, and the Neapolitan in particular eats and meets it, and, please eat by all means because you are distinguished!

The illumination in the shop is different in the form of the seat one by one in at twilight time. If there is a chance because there is the seat becoming the swing, please sit down!


Hours: Open daily 8:30-2:00

          Sunday 9:00-2:00

Nearest Station: 5 minute walk from Asagaya Station

Roaster: Gion



2.「Lodge Akaishi」

It is a shop called “lodge Akaishi” of the coffee shop at Asakusa Station here. This shop does not have the drawing card menu particularly and can taste various Western food. All being delicious as for all menus as for the characteristic of this shop! The master of this shop seemed to have been training itself for many years in a hotel and can taste full-scale cooking although being domestic. My recommended menu is prawns cutlet sandwich! I am madly in love, and the prawns cutlet to fry after ordering it is very delicious! I am worth eating because the prawns are big. All menus are the tastes that they want to conquer.

And it is easy to use it very much because I do it from morning to the middle of the night!

Address: 3-8-4,Asakusa-Taitouku,Tokyo

Hours: Open daily 9:00-4:00

          Sunday 9:00-1:00

Regular holiday Monday

Nearest Station: 15 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Roaster: Lodge Akaishi



3.「Coffee shop YOU」

This shop “is coffee shop You” at Ginza Station.

The menu using eggs such as an omelette with rice or the egg sand is popular in this shop. As for the omelette with rice, the inside becomes soft-boiled and appears on ketchup rice. I do not get tired although being simple, and the seasoning is eaten for ketchup taste till the last! Among the visitors, I am “totally said to be the drink”. Because I may stand in line from morning, I go earlier than opening of a store or recommend what avoid crowded time. Because you are pretty, please watch the signboard of the neon of the shop!


Address:4-13-17 Ginza-Chuo-ku,Tokyo

Hours: Open daily 11:00-21:00

Nearest Station: 5 minute walk from Ginza Station