Sport chanbara experience

Sport chanbara is Japanese sport.
If you have sword,you can become samurai.

1. Minor Weapon
2. Sport chanbara experience place

Minor weapon

Dagger( Tantou)The length is 45cm.Recently,Tantou has shield(tate).

Short spear(tansou) The length is 100cm.Weapon are same as long sword,but short spear can only be attached.

Long spear (chousou) Thas length is 200cm.

The above weapon can poke only face and body. If you hit the leg, It will become invalidation judgment

Long volume (nagamaki) This weapon is similar to long spear.However,This wapon can hit the leg.

Rod (bou)The length is 200cm. You can hit either upside down or left and right

When using this weapon above, a license is required.

Sport chanbara experience place

Chalenjikan ota city suginami city shinjyuku city tokyo TEL 090 3502 8691

Doushinjyuku ichika city urayasu city chiba prefecture TEL 047 357 5025

Kenritu budoukan kanagawa city kanagawa prefecture TEL 090 9682 5319

Sport chanbara`s dojo is not done in specific place. If you are interested, you should ask inquiries.
Sport chanbara is spread all over the world. If you want to play Sport chanbara,you can playYou can play in the country where you live.