4 Japanese apparel brands you need to check out

Other than Japan making high-quality electronic products such as cars and cameras, Japan also makes great apparel brands. If you are into apparel brands like H&M, supreme, theory, new balance, you are going to love each brand on this list. Every brand on this list has a similar taste to each brand.



1.Clothing: A Bathing Ape (expensive but great designs)

2.Clothing: United Tokyo (super high-quality with affordable prices)

3.Clothing: Uniqlo (high-quality with low prices)

4.Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger (affordable prices for great quality)


1.Clothing: A Bathing Ape (high price but great designs)

A bathing ape is a Japanese brand by Nowhere Co. which was established since 1993, located in Harajuku. Nowhere Co. founded A Bathing Ape to introduce Japanese fashion to the world, which they succeed to do with their iconic designs such as the “Apehead” “Sharkhoodie” “BabyMilo”. They also succeed with their collaboration with international brands and popular artist. Such as “Adidas” “Timberland” “The Weekend” “SteveAoki”.

Price around: t-shirts 100~130$, trousers 250~500, outerwear’s 500~800$

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uniqlo/?hl=ja

Web store link: https://us.bape.com


2.Clothing: United Tokyo (super high-quality with affordable prices)

United Tokyo founded in 2015 by Tokyo Base corp. with their concept to make clothing by only using high-quality material that is made in Japan.

It is said that most of the cost rate for brand clothing is around 30%, but for United Tokyo, their cost rate is around 50%. Going to the shop and feeling how good quality their products are, with the price they offer you just makes you want to buy them.

Price around: casual shirts 75~200$, trousers 90~250$, outerwear’s 150~600$

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/united_tokyo/?hl=ja

Web store link: http://united-tokyo.com (written in Japanese, ships to Japan only)



3.Clothing: Uniqlo (high-quality with low prices)

In 1984 the first store of Uniqlo was opened in Hiroshima, and since then Uniqlo began to grow. Eventually, in 2000, Uniqlo ran 400 shops in Japan, and now Uniqlo runs 831 stores in Japan and 1,089 stores overseas. So, why does everyone love Uniqlo, the answer is simple, high-quality at very cheap prices. There are tons of other cheap clothing brands but in personal, Uniqlo is the most high-quality clothing brands when you consider low price and quality, and not only that, they have brilliant products like “heattech” an innerwear which keeps you warmer than any other innerwear etc.

Price around: casual shirts 30$, trousers 30~50$, outerwear’s 30~150$

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uniqlo/?hl=ja

Web store link: https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/home/


4.Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger (affordable prices for great quality)

It is not very known but, one of the most iconic sports brand “Nike” had some interesting relationship with some of the Japanese companies, and Onitsuka Tiger is one of them. Nikes founder, Phil Knight was the sales agency of the Onitsuka Tiger.

Onitsuka Kihachirou founded Onitsuka tiger in 1949 in Kobe as a Japanese sports shoe brand. Onitsuka Tiger is known by its unique icon the “Onitsuka tiger stripe” which first appeared in 1968 and for its impact on the screen from the movie “Kill bill” in 2002. Most of their shoes are dressy kind of sneakers with a little bit of accent, which makes it special and unique.

Price around: regularly 80~150$, Nippon made versions 200~375$

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bape_japan/?hl=ja  

Web store link: https://www.onitsukatiger.com/us/en-us/