Fashion is said to represent oneself. One of the things that express an identity is a hat. When you want to be a different from other people, or when you want to be yourself that is not the same as usual… That is where the hat plays. In my blog, I’ll tell you more about hats. Even if you don’t usually wear hats, please take a look at this page!! You surely want to buy a hat!♡


  1. What are the benefits and advantages of hats?
  2. How much heat can a hat prevent?
  3. Introduction of various shaped hats.
  4. Introduction of shops selling hats in Kichijoji.
  5. How to find a hat suits you?

What are the benefits and advantages of hats?

①The usual outfit is upgraded by wearing a hat.

 ―It’s too simple and not enough. I want to put one more item. I think everyone has had such troubles. This trouble can be solved simply by wearing a hat. The range of coordination expands, and you feel a sense of familiarity at once. It’s a so-called magic item!

②Small face effect

  ―Girl’s worries, face size. By wearing a voluminous hat, the face looks smaller in comparison. My recommendation is to wear it deeply. This effect can be expected if you devise a hairstyle! Let’s try!!

No cap ⇧

Yes cap ⇧

How much heat can a hat prevent?

Now that the summer is just around corner, hats are indispensable for dealing with the heat. If you don’t prevent UV rays properly, skin aging such as spots and wrinkles will occur. Not only that, but it can also cause diseases such as skin cancer and cataracts. The hat protects the face, neck, nose, ears, and scalp from the UV rays coming from above. Therefore, it can also be a countermeasure against heat stroke. Hats are effective not only for fashionable but also for health. You there!! It’s a loss if you don’t wear this!!

Introduction of various shaped hats.


A beret is a soft, round, flat, and rimless hat. Mostly made of wool felt, but made of various materials. It is generally said that it originated in the Basque region on the border of Spain and France. In Japan now, Berets is popular among young girls in their teens and twenties. Various things such as unusual materials and shapes have appeared. At one time, the image of a painter was strong, but now it has been adopted as a splendid fashion item.


The prototype of the cap was a baseball cap. So, when you hear a cap, many people think of it as an exercise product. Sometime, regardless of gender, it came to fit the plain clothes. The word “Cap Girls” is also popular. Many girls wear caps in town even when it’s not summer.

Knit hats

Knit hats are mainly used in the winter season and are made of wool. However, some of them are made of cotton or polyester, which are breathable and thin, so there are many things that can be worn in the summer. I can’t cover all of them here, there are several types of knit hats, such as pilot type with ear pads and non-folded type etc… It is a versatile and excellent product, so you should have one!

④Bucket hats

A bucket hat is a hat with a brim that looks like an inverted bucket. Many of them are made of soft cloth such as cotton, and are characterized by being easy to wear. It is often used in street fashion and sporty fashion, but since around 2015, it has become popular as a removal item for women’s fashion. It is now the most popular item in the hat industry and has been an explosive popularity for a long time. At first glance it seems difficult to dress up, but if you make it your own it will be an very advanced fashion!

Introduction of shops selling hats in Kichijoji.

①『無』 (in English “none”)     < https://www.shop-mu.jp/ >

It’s about a 7-minute walk from the station. Located in Sun-Road shopping street. The store itself is small, but the brown-based interior is very warm. You unconsciously stop and enter the store…♡ It’s on the way to school, so please stop by!!

②『BLESSED CROW』    < http://www.blessedcrow.com/ >

The best hat shop on Nakamichi-dori. There are a lot of hats that are typical of Kichijoji, and there are many hats that fit a wide range of generations and fashions with a lineup unique to specialty stores. You will surely find a hat that suits you perfectly.

How to find a hat suits you?

Even if you think that the cap does not look good, you can actually find a cap that suits you depending on how you choose the cap. I will only introduce four criteria for selecting a cap.

①Face shape

Each person has a different face shape, so the type of hat that suits the face shape is also different. When you apply your face to various face types such as round face, square face, and home base face, it is easy to understand the color and shape of the cap that fits the face type.


Hairstyle is an element that varies from person to person. There are hats and hats that suit each individual hairstyle. Also, depending on the styling at that time, the hat that suits you will be different. For example, for hairstyles with a voluminous look, such as those that are softly arranged or the roots are raised, a loose hat may be better than a perfect hat.


Depending on what kind of place and situation you wear, there are suitable caps on the scene. Also, in some cases it may be better to choose a different hat than the cap.

Finally, The person who read this blog wants to wear a hat! I want it! … I would be happy if you thought.Thank you for reading! ♡