Tokyo Used Clothes Directory

Do you like used clothes? Do you like to wear it? In this article I would like to introduce Tokyo’s old clothes spot to three locations.



1.Zero day: Preparation

2.First day: Shimokitazawa

3.Second day: Koenji

4.End of two days: Follow Instagram




Zero dayPreparation

Tokyo has over hundred different train/subway lines spanning across the 20 district wards. I think at first everyone will get lost. So we need a pocket Wi-Fi to access the Google map.

You will need a Suica Card that you can omit to buy a train ticket. With these two, you can enjoy for two days.



First day: Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa has more than 30 used clothes shops, and it is a furious arrival shop fierce battle zone. There are over 30 clothes shops, so the price is different depending on the clothing store, so you can compare the prices and buy it. I think I would like to introduce five especially recommended shops among them.



In addition to this store, it is a shop that holds stores in Kichijoji, it is popular shop where low price and brand name are available.


On the 1st Sunday of every month, they do a half price all items campaign.



Designers and stylists from all over the world gathered in this shop, so that buyers buy them overseas lined up in the shop narrowly, so it seems that they misunderstand.

They also deal with dresses from T – shirts, antique items that have been over 100 years old, and import brands.


There are wide ranges of genres including accessories, accessories, furniture, and miscellaneous goods. Also, the place where advice like a dedicated stylist that knowledge-rich staff who caught a trend not only vintage is the greatest charm.



The shop handles a lot of high brands such as Burberry and Calvin Klein from sports brands. It is a shop that doing carefully from washing, so it is easy to take out hands even with those who have slight resistance to used clothes.


It is located on the second floor of the building, the place is difficult to understand but the atmosphere is calm.



This shop has a wealth of women’s and men’s vintage items, they have a lot of orthodox clothes that people who like used clothes want to extend their hands unintentionally and are characterized by a wide lineup that develops high brand items as well.


There are also items of dead stock, there is also possibility to find a bargain. Because there are many clothes that are familiar with nature in the current trends, it is possible to visit casually.


FLORIDA Shimokitazawa

This is a unique shop that mainly deals with purchase sales, and it is a shop of Flamingo line. Selections differ from time to time, but there are many impressions of casual and used clothes-like taste items.


Because it is possible to choose a ticket to be exchanged for rice or store items at the time of purchase as a means of payment, it is characteristic that rice is placed like an interior in the store. Regular sale is also held.






Second day: Koenji

Koenji is a sacred place of old clothes as well as Shimokitazawa. In Koenji, clothing stores are concentrated in the south entrance, so we do not have any trouble finding it. In addition, Koenji is quiet and calm as a whole, so it is very easy to spend. Like Shimokitazawa, I would like to introduce carefully to five clothing shops.



This is a clothing shop where well-known brand Supreme designers often visit, has quality, goods, both have a high level. Also clothes are exhibited by brand, so it is also easy to find brands that you are looking for.


It is a bit far from the station, but it is definitely a clothing store to visit once.



Here is a clothing store handling both old clothes and new items, it is a store wearing a shop for those seeking a calm and beautiful fashion. Knits, shirts, outerwear etc. are carefully selected items, and the price is also high, but it is also high quality evidence.


The store clerk is also friendly and easy to talk, so it is also a feature that you can discuss with the casually without hesitation.



Everyone, did not you get bored with all the clothes you’ve been referring to so far?

It’s okay!! The clothing store to introduce next is a shop mainly dealing with accessories, especially shoes.

Sneakers, boots, leather and so on are rich in variety, so you may notice tasteful shoes of your choice. Also, shoes that are displayed outside the shop are often bargain-priced significantly.


Jacob’s Ladder

It is a considerable popular shop in Koenji, with excellent quality clothes gathered from European countries such as Italy and the Netherlands, mainly in France. The clerk himself walks across Europe and seems to have selected old clothes of choice.


Many people feel attractive to many items with sophisticated silhouettes of clothing in Europe and rich coloring, too?


Small Change

This two floor used clothing store has a men’s floor on the first floor and a ladies’ floor on the second floor. Popular points selling old clothes in abundant genres at reasonable price points are also popular points, selling new items of original brands, making it like a vintage yet attractive as it is now.


So as not to lose the number of articles of clothing, in the rich of the recommended point handling of accessories, it has become a popular shop in the order especially women.


End of two days: follow Instagram

Shimokitazawa, Koenji, if you go through both clothing stores, let’s follow your favorite clothing store Instagram. By doing so, it is very convenient to check the newly arrived items as soon as possible. I hope everyone who read this blog will purchase your old clothes. Thanks for reading!!!!