3 Place Where I Love in Ueno, Tokyo

Have you ever visit Ueno, Tokyo? If you not, it’s too good to waste!

Today I introduce 3 places I like and want you visit in Ueno.

Just by reading this, you will be able to enjoy Ueno even if you do not know anything about Ueno!

Let’s watch!


1.  Where is Ueno, Tokyo?

2. Place 1: National Museum of Nature and Science

3. Place 2: Tokyo National Museum

4. Place3: Ueno Park

5. Last


1.  Where is Ueno, Tokyo?

Ueno is in Tokyo, Japan. You can go within 30 minutes from Shinjuku by a train.

It has many museums and galleries near the Ueno station and many people or families visit every year.

Also, there is a large park and ponds, so you can feel nature while in the city.

The famous shopping street is also nearby and you can enjoy shopping.


2. Place 1: National Museum of Nature and Science

First, I recommend to visit National Museum of Nature and Science.

National Museum of Nature and Science is one of the most popular museums in Japan. It mainly deals with exhibitions of science and biology.

The museum is divided into the Earth Pavilion and the Japan Pavilion.

The Japan Pavilion mainly introduces Japanese cultural and historical exhibits, and the Earth Pavilion introduces other creatures and science and technology.

There is also an experience corner inside the museum, which you can enjoy like an activity.

(official site URL: 国立科学博物館 National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo (kahaku.go.jp) )


3. Place 2: Tokyo National Museum

Next, I want you visit Tokyo National Museum.

Tokyo National Museum is very large!!

There is more than seven pavilion, and one of the largest museums in Japan where many national treasures and important cultural properties are on display.

I think that you will not be able to see all in a day, but each pavilion has its own concepts so that you can be satisfied if you visit only one pavilion.

The special exhibitions that are held sometimes are also interesting, so I think it is worth visiting many times.

(official site URL: 東京国立博物館 – トーハク (tnm.jp) )


4. Place 3: Ueno Park

Lastly, I recommend you visiting Ueno Park.

Ueno Park is the oldest city park in Japan and its area is 53.9 ha.

National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo National Museum and many other museums and galleries are in the park.

Also, there is a fountain, branch store or street live, so you can take a walk while enjoying them.


Some walking routes are introduced in the official site( 上野恩賜公園 Ueno Park 公式ホームページ (tokyo.lg.jp) ), so I think it is good to see it.


5. Last

I have introduced three places, but there is more attractive places in Ueno.

For example, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is especially focus on contemporary art, Ueno Zoological Gardens is famous for its pandas, and so on.

(official site URL

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum: 東京都美術館 (tobikan.jp)

Tokyo Zoological Gardens: 上野動物園公式サイト – 東京ズーネット (tokyo-zoo.net) )

Even I, who has never lived in Ueno, can find my own way to enjoy Ueno, I want many people who has never visit Ueno to visit there and enjoy by their styles.

I hope that many people visit Ueno and feel culture, history or nature, and find their interests or make them relaxed through the experience.