4 Japanese Food Chain Restaurants You Must Try When You Come to Japan

Are you planning to visit Japan someday? Wouldn’t you like to know about chain restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and easy Japanese food? Hello there. My name is T.K. I live in Japan. In this article, I will tell you about chain restaurants that specialize in each type of Japanese food that you can eat for less than 500 yen. After reading this article, I am sure you will find the information in this article useful when you come to Japan. So let’s go!


1 丸亀製麺(Marugame Seimen)

2 松屋(Matsuya)


4 てんや(Tenya)


1 丸亀製麺(Marugame Seimen)

Udon is one of the most familiar fast foods in Japan. Marugame Seimen is one of Japan’s leading udon chain restaurants. Marugame Seimen has the two good points.

The first is that you can enjoy udon for as little as 290 yen. Marugame Seimen’s udon noodles are famous for their firmness, and you can enjoy the smooth texture on the outside and the glutinous texture on the inside.
Secondly, the side dishes are abundant and inexpensive. Shrimp tempura is 160 yen, burdock root tempura is 70 yen, vegetable kakiage is 140 yen, and there are also rice balls, rice, and so on, all of which are inexpensive. In addition, scallions and tempura scraps are available for free.

My recommendation is the kama-age udon. The strange feeling of taking hot udon out of the wooden okama and dipping it in cold dipping sauce is interesting, and the udon is delicious.

2 松屋(Matsuya)

Another familiar fast food in Japan is the beef bowl. Matsuya is one of Japan’s leading beef bowl chain restaurants. Matsuya has the two good points.

The first is that you can enjoy gyudon for 380 yen. It is famous for its price competition with other gyudon chain restaurants and we are able to enjoy gyudon at such a low price.
Secondly, Matsuya offers free miso soup when you order a beef bowl. This service is very much appreciated during the cold winter months.

My recommendation is the Gyumeshi Lunch (Soft-boiled egg), which is only available between 11:00 and 14:00. This menu includes Gyumeshi, miso soup, salad, and onsen tamago (Soft-boiled egg) for the low price of 500 yen.


3 日高屋(Hidakaya)

In fact, Hidakaya is one place that I believe some Japanese people may not know about. However, it is famous as a place where you can enjoy the familiar Japanese ramen from 390 yen. There are two good things about Hidakaya.

The first is that you can enjoy authentic Chinese food at a common price. You can order Chinese noodles for 390 yen, gyoza for 230 yen for six pieces, and fried rice for 450 yen. All of the menu items are inexpensive, but very satisfying in taste.
Secondly, Hidakaya can also be used as an izakaya, Japanese Pub. A mug of beer is 290 yen, lemon sours and highballs are available, and there is a wide selection of snacks.

4 てんや(Tenya)

The last restaurant I will introduce is Tenya, famous for its tendon. They have a set menu that includes tempura and udon or soba, as well as tendon. It’s a good attraction to eat Japanese tempura easily. There are two good things about Tenya.

The first is that you can enjoy Tendon for 500 yen. This tendon is a basic tempura bowl with shrimp, squid, and white fish. The combination of freshly fried tempura and sweet and salty sauce is the best.

Secondly, you can enjoy a variety of tendons. There is a wide variety, including Jyou-Tendon with two shrimp and Vegetable-Tendon with only vegetables. If you want to enjoy Japanese tempura at a reasonable price, Tenya is highly recommended.


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