Among us, the current trend

Have you ever heard of a game called “Among us”? It is a game like the so-called “werewolf”.

It became popular in Japan around October 2020, and is still being played by a lot of people. I’m one of those fans.

You can learn more about Among us by reading this article. This is a great opportunity for everyone to play.


1.The history of Among Us

2.How to play Among Us?

3.Among Us in the Corona disaster

4.The future of Among Us


1.The history of Among Us

Among us is an online game developed by InnerSloth in 2018. About two years after its release, it became popular all over the world. Since InnerSloth was a small American company with a development team of only three people, it had many bugs and glitches.

So, the game has been updated many times over the years. Recently, a level up feature has been implemented, and additional elements can be enjoyed.

Not only that, but some fans are so in love with Among us that they are creating and distributing their own new maps and roles. We can expect more regular updates in the future.

2.How to play Among Us?

At the start of the game, players are divided into two roles: Crewmate and Imposter.

The Imposter, a traitor, is hiding in the majority Crewmate. Imposter is able to kill Crewmate. In addition, they can create “sabotage” that prevents the progress of tasks.

While doing their tasks, Crewmate will call an emergency meeting or find a dead body and hold a meeting. After the discussion, a vote is taken, and the person with the most votes is expelled.


●Victory conditions for each camp


・Complete all assigned tasks.

・Expel all Imposters.


・The number of surviving crewmates is equal to the number of Imposters.

・Emergency sabotage will not be fixed.

3.Among Us in the Corona disaster

Due to the new coronavirus that has been raging around the world since the end of 2019, people have had to refrain from going out.

Therefore, the popularity of content that can be enjoyed at home increased. Video content such as Netflix and Amazon Prime can be easily enjoyed alone, but I think almost all people want to talk with other people.

This is why Among Us gets all the attention. I think it’s the perfect game for the Corona disaster, in that you can enjoy the game while talking with your friends online, without leaving your house.

I myself played with a lot of friends in 2021. Moreover, I also met new friends of friends.

4.The future of Among Us

So, if the new coronavirus epidemic is over, will it also be over?

I don’t think so. Among Us is now being played by many game players and YouTubers. New cultures such as “Among Us, that can talk to people nearby”―popularly called as “chika-amo”―using tools created by some of their fans, are also spreading, and their popularity is only growing.

Even if general people don’t play Among Us anymore, they will continue to play it as long as there is demand.

As a player, I hope that the game will be loved for a long time.