The place I went to last year and wanted to go again

Last time I introduced the places I would like to visit before I die, so this time I will introduce the places I have visited so far and want to go again. There are too many candidates so far, so I will introduce four places from the places I visited last year. While refraining from doing so during the corona period, I hope you can feel like you are traveling just by feeling.


1.Ryuoo ski park is too white

2.Nagatoro summer

3.This is USJ

4. There is a hot spring of the world

1. Ryuoo ski park is too white

The first thing I would like to introduce is Ryuoo Ski Park, which I visited in the spring. Ryuoo Ski Park is a ski resort located on the northwestern flank of Mt. Ryuoo, Nagano Prefecture.

There are many characteristic courses here, and the specialty is the “tree dropping course”, which is very popular with advanced users with a maximum slope of 36 degrees. Also, when I went there, the snowstorm was so great that I couldn’t even see a meter away. This ski resort was too high level for me as a beginner.

2.Nagatoro summer

Next, I would like to introduce Nagatoro Town in Saitama Prefecture, which I visited in the summer. Nagatoro Town is famous for sightseeing spots, especially the mountain stream descent. The photo below shows the mountain stream.


how is it? The whole area was surrounded by nature and the air was very delicious. I couldn’t go down the river because the river flow was so fast that day, but if I have a chance to go again, I would like to try it next time. Especially, it is a place that I would like people living in the city to visit.

3. This is USJ

The third is Universal Studios Japan, which is very popular. It’s often compared to Disney Resort, but I personally prefer USJ. I feel that USJ has a lot of dynamic attractions. Especially Flying Dynasaw is so famous that everyone has heard of it.


There are many other attractions at USJ. I like it in the Harry Potter area. It faithfully reproduces the world of Harry Potter and makes you feel like you’re in the movie world. No matter how many times I go to this area, I never get tired of it and I take a lot of pictures every time. If you haven’t been there, please visit.


4. There is a hot spring of the world

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Spa World, a large hot spring in the world. When I went on a trip to Osaka, I decided to go here because the hotel I stayed at didn’t have a bath. This is a spot where you can enjoy the feeling of a resort with 16 types of hot springs and pools in 11 countries around the world divided into zones of Europe and Asia.

There are separate areas for men and women depending on the day, so you won’t get bored. When I went, I was able to enjoy the hot springs in the Asian area.

Among the many hot springs, the one that was particularly shocking was the electric bath. I was surprised that stronger electricity was flowing than I expected. Please be careful not to take an electric bath too much.

How was it? I hope you read this and want to go there once. I think many people haven’t gone out during the corona period, but I would like them to visit when they can return to their original lives.


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