Introducing Hakone!

 There are many famous hot springs in Japan such as Beppu Onsen, Arima Onsen, and Kusatsu Onsen.  This time, we would like to introduce “Hakone Yumoto Onsen”.

1. What is Hakone?

2. What is the highlight of Hakone?

3. What kind of hot springs are there in Hakone?

4. Recommended places in Hakone!

5. A recommended ryokan that I actually stayed at.

1. What is Hakone?

Do you know Hakone?  Hakone is a town located in the western part of Kanagawa prefecture.

Hakone can be reached from Shinjuku by train called Romance-car in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  I have visited it twice, and it is a recommended tourist destination that I will never get tired of.

▲Photo taken at Hakone Yumoto Station.

2. What is the highlight of Hakone?

The highlight of Hakone is that there is a hot spring town where you can eat while walking!

You can eat manju and kamaboko, and there are many delicious foods such as hand-baked rice crackers, soft serve ice cream, and soba noodles!

▲Tiramisu flavored soft serve.

▲Soba I ate at lunch! The green one is called ‘Chasoba’(tea soba).

▲You can eat freshly made Manju for 70 yen each.

▲If you’re lucky, you might meet a friendly cat!

3. What kind of hot springs are there in Hakone?

There are many hot springs such as day trip hot springs, footbaths, and open-air baths in Hakone, and you can enjoy various hot springs.

▲A free footbath in a hotel called Tenseien.

There is a private open-air bath at ‘Hakone Yuryo’, which has a free shuttle bus from Hakone Yumoto Station.

▲A private open-air bath that can accommodate up to 2 people can be taken for 4,300 yen per hour.

4. Recommended places in Hakone!

In addition to the hot spring town, we also recommend “Owakudani” and “Venetian Glass Museum” in Hakone!

You can reach Owakudani by ropeway.  Owakudani is famous for its volcanic terrain and black boiled eggs.

▲volcanic terrain.

▲black boiled eggs. It is said that eating this will extend your lifespan.

Venetian Glass Forest is very beautiful with many works made of glass.

▲Venetian Glass Forest.

▲Flowers made of glass.

5. A recommended ryokan that I actually stayed at.

The inn I stayed at was ‘Hakone Yutowa’, which just opened in August 2019 in Gora.

There is a footbath and a bonfire in the courtyard to warm you up.

▲It was great to take a footbath in the cold season and warm up with a bonfire!▲

There was also a library lounge with lots of books and free drinks, and a play lounge where you could enjoy board games.

▲There were essays, picture books, photo books, etc. on the theme of each season.

▲You can enjoy Othello, Jenga, chess and more!

Hakone is a wonderful place.  There are many delicious foods and many beautiful places.  You can make wonderful memories with your family, friends, couples, and anyone else!  Please come visit us in Hakone.

You can make the best memories!!

Thank you for reading.


・ 強羅駅徒歩5分のホテル | 箱根 ゆとわ【公式】

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