A tourist spot within 3 hours from Tokyo station

There are many opportunities to go because there are many sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

However, it is unlikely that you will go sightseeing to a place slightly away from the city center.

We introduce recommended tourist spots where you can sightsee by day by train from Tokyo station.



1.What kind of prefecture is in the suburbs of Tokyo?





What kind of prefecture is in the suburbs of Tokyo?


There are a lot of people going on sightseeing in Tokyo. However, have you ever felt that you are too tired?

This time we will introduce sightseeing spots that can be reached within 3 hours by train from Tokyo station. Why not enjoy local sake etc. slowly in a place away from Tokyo.




How to go: Tokyo(Chuo Line)→Shinjuku (Azusa)→Kofu

Kofu is the prefectural office’s location in Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi Prefecture is located in the west of Tokyo.


Since the Edo period, the Koshu-Kaido(甲州街道) connecting Tokyo and Kofu passes, and many historical buildings are left.


Things to Do

-Shosen Valley



A valley located in the northern part of Kofu City. It is also designated as a special scenic spot of the country, and is said to be “the most beautiful valley of Japan”. You can enjoy the beauty of a richly varied valley every season in the promenade that was maintained along the valley.


-Takeda Shrine



A shrine dedicated to Takeda Shingen, a famous warrior of Japan. A big festival is held in the spring and summer.


Many items such as old documents dedicated to Takeda family, swords and armor are displayed in the treasure shrine inside the shrine.



Yamanashi prefecture is famous for “Hoto” and wine.

Hoto is Yamanashi’s famous local noodle.


-Kosaku Kofuekimaeten



http://kosakukofuekimaeten.mapforfood.com/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral https://www.travel.co.jp/guide/article/31452/


-Okuto Honten Kofu Ekimae



-Sadoya Winery



There is a wine factory, you can taste and purchase. It is in Yamanashi Prefecture that the first wine making in Japan began, so it has a history.


KAWAGOE (川越)54min

How to go:Tokyo(Tokyo-Metro Marunouchi Line)→Ikebukuro(Tobu-Tojo Line Express)→Kawagoe


Kawagoe is a city in Saitama Prefecture.

This city is known as “Little Edo” after the old name for Tokyo, due to its many historic buildings.


Things To Do


-Toki no Kane

This is most famous sights and Landmarks in Kawagoe.




The time bell was built by the Kawagoe castle owner during the Edo period.


There was no clock around these days, so the sound of the bell was playing the role of people’s watch.


The bell at the present time was rebuilt just after the Kawagoe Great Fire that occurred in 1868. The sound of the bell is echoing in the townscape of the collection four times a day.





A shrine that exists since the Heian period. Many of the buildings are important cultural properties, of which 538 is a famous stone Buddhist. They all have different faces and poses. In addition, the building of Edo castle has been relocated and exists.


-Kawagoe Ichibangai Shopping Street


The streets where stands Traditional Japanese Warehouse. There are many shops, and it is crowded with tourists. You can buy Japanese-style items, Japanese old-fashioned food.


-Koedo Kurari

A souvenir shop is refurbished the old brewery. Enjoy not only sweets and crafts but also authentic Japanese cuisine and local famous sake.